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Why Katrina Makes Alia Do Squats: The Dos And Don'ts Of Squats

Squats are one of the most useful exercises when it comes to strength training. For those who are looking forward to loose weight or gain strength, doing squats is the fastest way to get there.

Why Katrina Makes Alia Do Squats: The Dos And Donts Of Squats

One must follow the right technique to do squats


  1. Squats can add a sexy quotient to your overall figure.
  2. Squats are intense exercises that use all the muscles in the legs butt.
  3. Many celebrities have included squats in their fitness regime.

"Don't worry! Only 300 more"... In an Instagram video that was shared yesterday, strict and firm Katrina (Kaif) left no stone unturned to make sure that her friend Alia (Bhatt) completes 300 squats on day they were both working out together. And like Alia, many celebrities have included squats as part of their fitness regime to get the desired curves and oomph in their bodies. Even international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan amongst others are those who have included squats in their daily workouts for quite a long time.


What is that intrigues celebrities about squats? What kind of effect do squats have on our body? Let's find out.

Squats and lunges are extremely intense exercises that use all the muscles in the legs butt and thighs. The intensity of using all of those muscles in coordination cannot be replicated with muscle isolating leg machines. Squats can make your body curvy and can add a sexy quotient to your overall figure.

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According to fitness experts, squats are the most useful exercise we can do when it comes to strength training. Whether your goal is to gain strength or lose weight, squats are one of the fastest ways to get there.

But like every exercise, one has to be very careful of the do's and don'ts of doing squats. At the end of the day, the technique of the exercise is the key to a successful workout.

So here are a few do's and don'ts you need to keep in mind while doing squats:


  • For a simple air squat, start with keeping your feet at a distance as your shoulders. Try to keep your knees over your toes. Bend down with your back straight and begin with the next squat only after you stood up straight.
  • Try to rotate your knees outward and balance your body with the support it creates
  • Pull your belly button into your spine and keep your back straight throughout the squat. Try putting your arms out in front of you and keep them above eye level to encourage a high chest.
  • Try putting your weight on your heels and keep bending backwards if required.
  • Bring your hip crease below parallel with the floor by imagining that a pencil is trapped in your hip and you are trying to break it. This will help get you to go that extra distance and activate all of those muscles you are trying to work.
  • Keep your feet facing directly forward.

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  • Let your knees collapse inward.
  • Round out your back.
  • Let your heels or toes come up.
  • Go down too shallow.
  • Let your feet turn too far out or in.

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