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What You Should Eat Before Hitting The Gym

Having a nutritious meal before working out helps in performing better at exercising and facilitates faster recovery of muscles post workout.

What You Should Eat Before Hitting The Gym

A nutritious meal before workout helps in performing better at exercising


  1. Lesser the time between your last meal and workout, the lesser you eat
  2. Have lots of water and fluids before working out
  3. Having proteins before workout helps in improving athletic performance

We often feel bloated, and even pukish while working out, and the food that we had just before put workout can be a big reason for this. Most gym trainers recommend keeping a gap of two hours before working out so that none of the above-mentioned situations happen. Additionally, having a proper nutritious diet also helps in improving one's performance while working out, in terms of better stamina and strength and faster recovery post workout.

Experts have also suggested that having the right kind of diet before workouts will also help in the prevention of muscle damage. Read further to know about the perfect diet to have before your workout.

Know what to eat

1. Carbohydrates

Muscles use the glucose carbs as a fuel while working out. They are the prior source of energy for high-intensity workouts. For workouts of longer duration, the use of this glucose varies according to the intensity, type of training and overall diet. Whatever be the case, having carbs before a workout is beneficial for a good workout.

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2. Protein

Researchers state that having proteins before workouts help in improving one's athletic performance. Intake of protein-rich food like egg whites or boiled chicken also helps in facilitating muscle performance and recovery and also increase strength.

3. Fat

Fat is a good source for workouts of a longer workout sessions of moderate or low intensity. According to research, having fat-rich diet before working out is more beneficial when one has been following the routine for a long period of time.

Timing of your pre-workout meal is important

Fitness and gym experts suggest having a protein, carb and fat rich diet at least 2 to 3 hours before exercising is helpful for a productive workout. The ideal rule to follow is, 'the lesser time you have between your last meal and workout, the lesser you eat'. This maximises the results of your workout and dedicated hard work.

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Hydration is crucial

For optimum functioning of the body, we must keep ourselves hydrated. It is recommended to have lots of water and other fluids before workout, to improve fluid balance of the body.

Some meal examples

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  • If there around 3 hours before you head to the gym, foods like a wholegrain breads, lean protein, brown rice and roasted vegetables would be helpful.
  • If you are 2 hours away from beginning to exercise, you can have milk-based protein smoothie, oatmeal, bananas or berries.
  • If you have to reach the gym in an hour or less than that, prefer having fruits or yogurt. You can also have a nutrition bar which has lots of grains and is rich in nutrients.

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