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Rujuta Diwekar Tells How To Deal With Acidity, Bloating and Constipation During Diwali

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared five easy tips to deal with acidity, bloating and constipation in Diwali.

Rujuta Diwekar Tells How To Deal With Acidity, Bloating and Constipation During Diwali

Top tips to deal with acidity, bloating and constipation

Diwali is just around the corner. You must be excited to gorge on mouth-watering delicacies and simply satiate your cravings. But, at the same time, while chomping on a lot of food items, some of you may think about its after-effects like acidity, bloating, or constipation. Well, if you are already worried about these problems. Then, please wait. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has an answer for you. In her latest Instagram video (Diwali series), she has shared five easy-peasy tips that will help you fight the - ABC (Acidity, Bloating and Constipation) - during the festivity.

What would you do if you get acidity, bloating and constipation?

Rujuta Diwekar shared the following 5 easy tips to help you out:

1) Have Gulkand Water

The best way to deal with the feeling of acidic and constipation is to start your day with some Gulkand water. Take one tablespoon of Gulkand, mix it with water and drink up slowly. Rujata said that if you don't like Gulkand, use rose petals. If rose petals come to your mouth, chew them away. It will help you to reduce constipation, remove bloating and it will ensure that you don't feel acidic.

2) Mid-Morning Nap

This is one of the major secrets, the most unorthodox tip that you'll ever hear. And, as per Rujata, it works like magic. Just sleep for about 15-20 minutes after breakfast. Well, the ideal thing is to go to the washroom to empty bowels. But, if you've had a lot of fun and stayed awake till late at night, you may not feel the pressure to do so and you end up feeling irritated. So, it's better to sleep for 20 minutes after breakfast and you should be able to clear your bowels, Rujuta added.

3)  Finish Your Lunch With Half Banana

Rujuta stated that a lot of our grandparents followed this practice but these days people don't follow. She added that this works for kids as well who have constipation. You just need to have half a banana after your regular lunch. If it's a small banana you can have it full. Rujuta added, “Chew it properly and watch your acidity, bloating and constipation disappear.”

4) Lie in Suptabadhakonasana For 2-5 mins In The Evening

Mostly, if you've noticed, the process of bloating starts increasing in the evening. You may wake up in the morning feeling light but somehow tend to start feeling bloated in the evening. If you feel bloated in the evening, simply do suptabadhakonasana. In this, join your feet together and bring your knees down as much as you can. Support your back with a bolster and lie down there for about 2-5 minutes, Rujuta said. Bloating will go away and you'll be able to wear your slimmest shirt.

5) Have Rice Pej Or Kanji With Ghee For Dinner

Rujuta stated that this tip will ensure that you are not overdrinking or overeating or going crazy with sugar cravings. If you are having a lot of sugar during Diwali, then have rice pej or kanji. Take Hatsadi rice or single polished rice or the local rice (mota chawal), boil it in a lot of water and then, pour the soupy rice into a cup. You can add 2 tsp ghee and sip it. If you have this before a party, you'll feel light on your stomach.

Take a look at the video:

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Let us know if these tips were helpful. Have a safe festive season.


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