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What Makes Mandira Bedi So Fit And Desirable: Find Out Here!

Here's a feed of how Mandira keeps herself fit and desirable as always.

What Makes Mandira Bedi So Fit And Desirable: Find Out Here!

Mandira's fitness secret lies in here


  1. Mandira Bedi lost 22 kgs in six months post-delivery
  2. Mandira practices cardio and weight training for a toned body
  3. She is a vegetarian and meets her nutritional requirements this way

You may remember her from the unconventional TV show on Doordarshan named Shanti or as the timid girl from DDLJ Preeti but, when we take Mandira Bedi's name, we think of her as a fitness icon!

The epitome of fitness is 45 now and we couldn't be any less inspired by her dedication towards fitness!

mandiras fitness secret lies in here

Photo Credit: Instagram

As an actor, a model, a TV show host and as a fitness icon, Mandira is loved in every avatar. The epitome of fitness is the mother of a baby boy and manages every aspect of her life with utmost grace and excellence. But of all other factors, it's curious as to how she keeps herself fit and desirable as always.

For Mandira, it all started in the year 2008 when she became a part of the show 'Khatron ke Khiladi'. But the real struggle for fitness began in 2011 after she gained whopping 22 kgs post pregnancy which she managed to lose in just 6 months!

For 40 days, Mandira could neither walk nor engage in any physical activity.

From the 41st day the workout began! And what's better, she turned out to be that Mandira Bedi who is a fitness icon for people.

So let's take a sneak peek into Mandira Bedi's fitness regime and how she continues to maintain that perfect look even today.

Mandira's fitness regime

Mandira explains that pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy workout is quite different.

She used to jog, do yoga and treadmill to keep in shape, the reason why every eye in the stadium turned towards the diva while hosted the ICC World Cup 2003. Remember those backless blouses and skin-hugging dress! She was amazing then and she continues to maintain that oomph even today.

However, her post pregnancy workout began as an effort to cut down those 22 kg. When it comes to weight loss, she says that it is all about working more than what your body is used to.

She wasn't allowed to workout for 40 days after she delivered a baby by C-section but, since the 41st day there has been no stopping her.

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1. Initially it began with walking in the evening and then included cardio/weight training and power yoga.

2. 20-30 minutes of cardio and weight training was to get her lean and in perfect shape.

3. Then she included power yoga, running and regular gym as she gained more stamina.

And that's how she became the diva that we see today!


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