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What Are Bedbug Bites And Flea Bites? Know The Difference

While flea bites are usually found on the lower parts of the body like bends of knees and elbows, bedbug bites are often on the upper parts of the body.

What Are Bedbug Bites And Flea Bites? Know The Difference

Bedbug bites and flea bites are different from each other


  1. Flea bites are usually on lower parts of body and skin folds
  2. Bedbug bites usually occur on upper half of the body
  3. They both look similar but are quite different from each other

If you happen to notice a group of small dots on your skin, they could either be bedbug bites or flea bites. While flea bites are usually found on lower parts of the body like bends of knees and elbows, bedbug bites are often found on the upper parts of the body around the neck, arms and face. However, telling the difference between a bedbug bite and flea bite can be difficult. Read below to know the common symptoms of bedbug and flea bites and the difference between the two.

Bedbug bites

Bedbugs are small reddish brown insects that survive on blood. They might not be visible during day time since they hide in dark spaces in mattresses, bed frames, carpets and box springs. Bedbugs usually bite on upper half of the body in hands, arms, neck and face. Bites caused by bedbugs are small in size with a dark red spot in the middle of raised area of the skin. They often appear in a line or are clustered and get worse if you scratch them.

Bedbug bites may cause swelling, blisters and irritation on the skin. Hives or rashes are other risk factors of bedbug bites.

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Treatment of bedbug bites

Bedbug bites usually go in a week or two. In case they don't disappear and cause infections or hives, consult your doctor. Steroids have been considered effective in treating bedbug bites. Antibiotics can be used in case of infections.

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In order to prevent bedbugs at home, keep the house and furniture clean. You can treat your indoors with pest control service to keep bedbugs at bay. Regularly dust your furniture and beds to prevent bedbugs. 

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Flea bites

Tiny fleas often live on pets and that is how humans get flea bites. Common symptoms of flea bites include red marks on the skin and intense itching. These marks will appear on feet or lower legs, ankles, elbows and knees, waist, armpits and other skin folds.

cold induced hives

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People allergic to hives are likely to develop hives or rashes on their skin. They can often cause swelling and blisters. Severe blisters can lead to infections. Scratching should be avoided in case of flea bites. Fleas usually die after 2 weeks, but they end up leaving skin in a complicated condition.

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Treatment of flea bites

Washing flea bites with water and soap can be helpful. Applying itch cream on the skin will also provide a relief. Avoid bathing in hot water as it can trigger itching.

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Additionally, you can avoid fleas at home by keeping the floors of the house and carpets clean and wiped. Regularly wash your pets with soap and water and get them examined for fleas.


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