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Weight Loss: This Power Workout Will Make You Feel Energetic Like Never Before- Try It Now!

Weight loss: This power workout by Kelsey Wells can get your heart rate up, help you burn calories and tone your arms and chest. Watch the full video of the workout here.

Weight Loss: This Power Workout Will Make You Feel Energetic Like Never Before- Try It Now!

Weight loss: This workout targets the upper body


  1. This workout can be challenging
  2. It can get your heart rate up and improve your stamina
  3. The power workout can be done anytime, anywhere

Weight loss: Have you been facing difficulty in challenging yourself, workout wise? Then look no further! Today we are going to talk about a zero-equipment power workout, which you can do at the comfort of your home. Not only can it help you lose weight, it can also be quite effective in building your body strength and stamina. The workout is especially designed for the upper body. It is involves high intensity resistance training exercises. This no:equipment upper body workout is divided into four segments: Activation, Superset, Circuit and Burnout.

Upper body power workout you can try

The workout was shared by Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells. Each segment of the workout is followed by 30 seconds of rest. Here are the four segments of the workout:

Activation: Repeat for 4 minutes

  • Inchworm: 10 reps
  • High Knees: 60 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

Superset: Complete 3 laps

  • Negative Push-ups (knees):12 reps
  • Tricep Circles: 10 reps

Rest: 30 seconds

Circuit: Complete 3 laps

  • Drop Push:Ups: 50 seconds
  • YTW: 50 seconds
  • Half Burpee: 50 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Burnout: Repeat for 1 minute

  • Arm Circles

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Watch the video shared below to see how each exercise is done. This workout can get your heart rate pumping like never before. It can make you feel the burn in your arms and chest.

New PWR Zero Equipment workout from SWEAT Trainer @KelseyWells! You can try it RIGHT NOW. All you need to complete this upper-body workout is YOU. Kelsey's new PWR Zero Equipment program features HIGH-INTENSITY and resistance training - specifically designed so no equipment is needed - to make it even easier for you to work out anytime, anywhere. But don't take our word for it, simply stop what you're doing and try this workout for yourself. ACTIVATION - Repeat for 4 minutes Inchworm - 10 reps High Knees - 60 reps Rest - 30 seconds SUPERSET - complete 3 laps Negative Push-ups (knees) - 12 reps Tricep Circles - 10 reps Rest - 30 seconds CIRCUIT - complete 3 laps Drop Push-Ups - 50 seconds YTW - 50 seconds Half Burpee - 50 seconds Rest - 30 seconds BURNOUT - Repeat for 1 minute Arm Circles Step into your PWR with Kelsey's brand new PWR Zero Equipment program, now available in SWEAT. Head to the link in our bio to get started with a 7-day FREE trial today! #SWEAT #SWEATapp #PWRZeroEquipment #Fitness #FitnessProgram #NoEquipmentWorkout

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Upper body is often a neglected area among women. Most of them don't enjoy doing the upper body workout but it is still important that you do it. Working on your upper body can improve your form and posture and can also make you stronger. The aforementioned workout can be completed within half an hour and can make you feel the burn!

Let's do this!

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