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Weight Loss: Nutritionist Shares 6 Tips That All Brides-To-Be Must Follow

Weight loss is not a pre-wedding mandate, but looking fit at her own wedding is every bride's dream. Read here to know what Nmami Agarwal suggests if you want to look the best at your D-day!

Weight Loss: Nutritionist Shares 6 Tips That All Brides-To-Be Must Follow

Weight loss: Brides-to-be must be regular at exercise


  1. Brides-to-be must have small, frequent meals
  2. They must exercise regularly
  3. Control sugar cravings for at least for a month before D-day

Happy brides are the prettiest, they say. To look happy and confident in front of the attention a bride gets, it is essential for her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Weight loss is not a pre-wedding mandate, but looking fit at her own wedding is every bride's dream. In this article, we have listed some easy to do suggestions for all the bride-to-be's that they can hang on to for getting that bridal glow and a fit body type.

6 nutritional tips that are a must-follow for all brides-to-be

1. Load up on fluids

The first and foremost tip is to stay hydrated. You can start your day with one glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon in it. This will ensure that you lose those extra inches and support your metabolism naturally. 2 litres of normal water in a day will keep your body hydrated. In case you get bored of water, you can also consume coconut water, fruit juices, detoxifying drinks like lemonade or cucumber juice. All this will surely give you a bridal glow!

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2. Eat in small portions, but frequently

Include fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables in small portions all along the day. Load up on more locally produced greens, like spinach. Fruits like berries, oranges, guavas can be treated as a great source for antioxidants. Vitamin -E rich food can be a deal cracker for your leaner body. Consumption of sunflower seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin and flax seeds, is also essential for flow and weight management. So, eat slow, mindfully, and in regular intervals.


Brides-to-be must eat small, frequent meals
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3. Ditch the sugar

Keep your sweet tooth under control for at least for a month before your big day. Sugar is empty calories and creates inflammation in the body. So, it is best if the consumption of refined sugar is prohibited. When you crave for anything sweet, have more foods that are naturally sweet, like fruits and dates. Switching refined sugar with jaggery is also a good idea, but only in limited quantities.

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4. Say no to anything refined

Good fats are important as they help in weight loss, skin glow and the heart too. But, you should avoid consumption of fats in the form of refined oil, cheese, and butter. Find replacements for it. For example, you can replace cheese with hummus, mayonnaise with hung curd. Even refined flour contains tummy stacking fat, replace it with whole wheat or bajra. This will guide you through the healthy living, one month prior to your D-day.

In case, you crave for those yummy pizzas and burgers, go have them once in a while. As cravings lead to bloating which is not good for health. You are a bride-to-be and you deserve to be happy at the end of the day. But make sure that you eat within limits, otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

5. Snack smartly

Snack time is really tricky. It can make you indulge into your comfort food, which can in turn reverse all your efforts. Hence, include smart snacking options like, makhanas, air-fried popcorns, baked sweet potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, chia seed pudding, hummus with vegetable sticks, or an apple with peanut butter.

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6. De-stress

You don't want your hair to fall, or your skin to breakout right before your wedding. Now the problem is, not a lot of people realise that stress can do more harm that they can fathom. It can make you eat junk, sugar and disturb your sleep schedule too. So, whenever you feel stressed try to do something that de-stresses your mind.

Point to note

With all the wedding shenanigans, the would-be brides also need to focus on their skincare and wellness regimen. No diet is complete without a little physical activity. She must ensure that with the above tips you also need to follow a 20-30 minutes of yoga or workout routine. In case you start feeling demotivated, imagine yourself in that embellished attire and push yourself a little.

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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