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Weight Loss: Here's A Step-By-Step Guide To Get FitThis Summer Season

Weight loss tips: Are you trying to lose weight this summer? Here are five simple steps you should follow for effective results.

Weight Loss: Heres A Step-By-Step Guide To Get FitThis Summer Season

Weight loss: Follow this steps to lose weight this summer


  1. Drink adequate amount of water during the summer season
  2. Add plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables to diet
  3. Fix your sleep schedule and ensure 7-8 hours of sleep

Staying physically fit is crucial to keep the risk of several diseases at bay. Setting wellness goals will further improve the quality of one's life. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with setting such goals during the summer rather than the start of the year, after exercising in the hot weather, cold smoothies would be the perfect refreshments and amazing source of nutrients. Here are step by step strategies to achieve the dreamy summer body and improve your overall health and wellness, which should be your primary goal.

Step by step guide to stay fit in summer

Steep 1- Summer body baseline and tracking of progress

Step 2- Hydration

Step 3- Healthy diet

Step 4- Workouts

Step 5- Adequate sleep

Step 1

Like any other goal in life, summer body goal requires planning and tracking of progress. Experts recommend using a baseline exercise that uses majority joints so as to get an estimate strength of the body. One may measure how many pushups they can do, or for how long they can wall squat, plank or how many legs raises they can do. This measurement will also give a good idea about the strength and endurance numbers that one needs to beat. In the end its about improving strength and endurance.

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Step 2

It cannot be stressed enough how important staying hydrated is. Even if a person does not have a summer body goal, they should stay hydrated. Water boosts one's metabolism and is the perfect substitute for high calorie sugary drinks. It makes one more energised and keeps hunger at bay along with the bonus of reduction in chances of headaches and kidney stones.

One thing that people generally do not understand about hydration is that, it is not necessary to stuff 4 liters of water to be hydrated. One can consume or increase the consumption of fresh fruit juice (without sugar) or can drink fruit, seeds infused water.

On a side note, alcohol consumption cannot be considered as hydration, rather it dehydrates the body.


Drink water, coconut water, lemon water and other healthy drink in summer
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Step 3

Rate of progress towards the perfect summer body is directly proportional to the quality of diet one has. It is normal to be discouraged by dieting or to get cravings and in many extreme cases binging on junk food after a few hours of dieting.

It is highly recommended to avoid fad diets, fasting or extreme diets, rather one should look for the right foods to include in their diet that would make it sustainable.

It is recommended to improve the quality of ingredients in the diet. For example, people can start by having high protein snacks, cereals with milk for breakfast with a side of fruits. For lunch they may go for high quantity of lentils, chickpeas with a small portion of rice and lots of green veggies. Grilled vegetable sandwiches or nuts are recommended for snacks whenever hunger strikes. For dinner salad can be repeated with the standard lentils and rice in small portions and fruits on the side or after dinner. Remember to maintain portion sizes and avoid large portions when eating out. Things like sugar or refined carbs like pasta, fries, chips or fatty drinks and alcohol should be avoided.

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Step 4

Let's focus on exercising now. Start slowly while exercising with small steps and the intensity should be increased as time goes on. People can start with brisk walks then move up to jogging, then they can begin weight training and functional training in the gym or their homes. This simple yet effective formula of cardio added with weight training in the gym or home (under guidance) can lead to much faster fat loss and muscle gain leading to a toned body.


During the ongoing pandemic exercise at home to stay fit
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Step 5

A much ignored yet one of the most essential ingredients for preparing a simmerer body is sleep. Getting a full 7 to 9 hours of sleep is imperative, without getting proper sleep the process of getting fitter slows down significantly. This is because the two hunger hormones in body, ghrelin and leptin, ghrelin allows the brain to realize when one is hunger while the latter allows the brainy to know when one is satisfied. In case of sleep deprivation, the body creates lees of leptin and more of ghrelin which leads to an increase in appetite. This will obviously hinder one's progress towards their summer body.

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Take note of these steps and keep a track of your progress!

(Vaibhav R Mishra is a fitness expert and founder of Ownlife Care)

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