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Ways To Manage Respiratory Allergies During Monsoon

Respiratory allergies can cause irritation and discomfort. These conditions may trigger during monsoon and indoor pollution. Here some tips from expert that can help you manage these.

Ways To Manage Respiratory Allergies During Monsoon

The risk of infection increases during monsoon


  1. Respiratory allergies can trigger during monsoon
  2. Increased indoor pollution can cause discomfort
  3. Try regular cleaning to control your risk

Monsoons bring joy, cool winds and not to mention, a range of health issues, allergies being one of the most common ones. With the onset of monsoons, you are surrounded by damp surfaces and exposed to a higher level of indoor pollutants as well which can trigger respiratory allergies. Allergic Rhinitis is a chronic respiratory disease which is caused due to irritation and inflammation of the membranes lining the nose, characterized by nasal congestion, sneezing, itching of the nose and/or post-nasal discharge. It can also significantly impair one's quality of life by causing fatigue, headache and sleep disturbances. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that around 400 million people worldwide suffer from allergic rhinitis. It tends to affect all age groups, between 10 to 30 percent of adults and continues to see a rapid increase among children and young adults. In this article Dr. Gayatri Pandit explins what are respiratory allergies and how to manage these during monsoon.

Why is there a spike in respiratory allergies during monsoon?

Monsoon is time for pollination for many weed pollens as Parthenium. Many Pollen sensitized patients have increased spurt of symptoms between June to September. House dust mites which is most common allergen also grows more in monsoon because of increased humidity . Also because of cloudy weather many will not be able to do frequent sun drying of bed sheets, which increases house dust mite load. Increased relative humidity inside the house also causes mold growth.

What can be done to manage respiratory allergies?

The trick is to avoid or possibly prevent exposure to potential allergic triggers. Since people are spending most of their time indoors nowadays, this is where major changes must be brought about. Measures must be taken to ensure that carpets, curtains and duvets are kept clean and dust free to avoid increased exposure to dust and dust mites. Ensure hot water washing of those and frequent sun drying whenever possible. It is a good idea to leave the windows open during the sunny hours to allow fresh air to enter and indoor pollutants to escape. Make sure that walls and surfaces, are kept dry as much as possible. Filters in air purifiers and air conditioners should be regularly cleaned to prevent accumulation of dust. If there are pets in the house, they should be groomed regularly to maintain hygiene levels. Do not let pets in to your bed room. One must keep a close track of potential allergy triggers and symptoms, as it will help in an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.


Regular cleaning can help control indoor pollution
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Allergy treatment and care

It is crucial to visit a doctor or consult a specialist when symptoms appear. Gold standard test to detect allergy is by 'skin prick allergy tests' where an allergen is laid on your skin, and slightly pricked to check your response to it. Doctors will prescribe necessary medications accordingly.

(Dr Gayatri Pandit, ENT consultant at Samarth ENT and Allergy Centre, Bangalore)

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