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Want To Go On A Juice-Cleanse Diet? Here’s Why You Need To Think Again

A juice-cleanse diet is good but is it beneficial for you? Read on to find out.

Want To Go On A Juice-Cleanse Diet? Here’s Why You Need To Think Again

Fennel seeds are great for health especially to reduce acidity

This summer, many people are choosing a healthier diet. Some of them are also opting for a juice cleanse diet. If you are one of them, we want you to think more about it. While a juice-based diet can help you detoxify and cleanse your body, it has a few loopholes. In fact, a juice-cleanse diet may not be the best diet for you this summer. Here's why.

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal explains in an Instagram post why you need to think more about switching over to a juice-cleanse diet. Here are the reasons why a juice-cleanse diet may not be the best idea for you. These are the results of a juice-based diet:

The thermic effect of the injected nutrients decreases. The thermic effect refers to the energy required by the body for the ingestion, digestion, and elimination of the food consumed.

The metabolism goes down as a result of a juice-based diet. The weight that you lose as a result of this diet may quickly come back once you go back to your regular diet.

Here is the video explaining these points:

Another problem that you may face during summer is the issue of acidity. The causes may include improper eating habits, unhealthy food consumption, alcohol consumption, excessive smoking and even irregular sleep cycle. Summer heat may aggravate the problem. So, how can you deal with this problem? Nmami Agarwal has the answers. She introduces us to four home remedies for acidity. These four foods can help you deal with acidity:

1. Fennel seeds

One teaspoon of fennel seed with warm water is helpful to treat acidity.

2. Jaggery

The potassium and magnesium in jaggery help maintain the pH levels in the digestion system.

3. Black cumin seeds

Chewing a few black cumin seeds or boiling them and adding them to water can also be helpful.

4. Carom seeds

Carom seeds or ajwain are great for dealing with acidity and flatulence.

Here is the video:

This summer, stay healthy with a good diet.

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