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Rujuta Diwekar Shares The Best exercises For The Upper Body, Neck, Shoulders And Back

Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates three exercises that can strengthen your neck, shoulders and back.

Rujuta Diwekar Shares The Best exercises For The Upper Body, Neck, Shoulders And Back

Upper body exercises show how to undo the problems that we face while sitting

The shift in work culture post-pandemic has really changed a lot of things. From sitting for long hours in front of screens to back pain due to the wrong posture, most of you will relate to such conditions. Well, it's not just the lower body that needs your attention. The upper body needs an equal amount of care and attention. Now, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared three exercises for the neck, shoulders and back. These exercises will show you how to undo the problems that we face while sitting. Our shoulders need to relax too, and these exercises will help you do so.  

Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates these three exercises:

1) 1st Exercise

Sit on a chair and stretch your hands. Next, interlock your fingers and the minute you do that, you'll feel that your shoulders have already started moving upwards (towards your ears). So, try to resist that movement. Bring your shoulders down and they would also try to move towards your palm. Don't let that happen and keep your shoulders behind. Now, slowly take your hands up (in the fingers interlocked position) and make sure your shoulders don't move upwards in the same direction. Now, turn your palm upwards and ensure that your palm is facing the ceiling. After you do this, grip your upper arm and extend your elbows. Your upper arm should feel the stretch.

Rujuta states that this exercise is good for headache and neck pain. As per Rujuta, when you do this exercise, try to change the interlock of fingers in the next round so that both your hands are functional in the exercise.

2) 2nd Exercise

Stand straight in front of the chair, open your palms wide and place them on the seat of your chair. Now, lift your fingers. You should feel the entire stretch from fingers to your forearm. Stretch your body, keep your hands stretched and look straight in between the two palms. Lift your hips up, push your thighs away from your stomach and then simply stretch in a way that it allows for your neck to relax. You can gently bring your neck down and stay there for five counts.

3) 3rd Exercise  

As per Rujuta, this exercise is to bring relief to your neck pain and upper back stiffness. For this, sit in front of your chair and put one elbow on the chair followed by the other. Go down and stretch your back. Keep your palms together and gently pull them closer to your neck. Stay for five counts and gently come up.

Take a look:

So, if you want to keep your upper body healthy, start doing these exercises.

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