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Top 5 Weight Loss Myths That Are Actually Making You Fat

There are many weight loss myths whirling around which actually hinders your weight loss process and often makes you gain some extra pounds. It is time that we dump these popular myths to quickly get back in shape.

Top 5 Weight Loss Myths That Are Actually Making You Fat

Dump the myths associated with weight loss to quickly get back in shape


  1. weight loss myths are usually not medically approved
  2. sweeteners can actually make you fat
  3. All fat rich food are not necessarily unhealthy

Have you stopped eating your favourite chocolate dessert because some high-headed blog spoke about its disadvantages? Were you planning to discard all the essential oils, butter and ghee from your kitchen because you thought they are fattening? Well it is time that you dump all these myths far away because according to health experts and dietitians, planning your diet and exercise routine based on these popular myths can actually hinder the weight loss process. Most of these myths are spun around baseless arguments which are not scientifically proven and medically approved. So, before you head out to your gym sessions, make sure that you keep these myths away-

1. Eating fat-rich food is bad

Unlike the popular myth, health experts strongly advise to include fat-rich food in your everyday diet (especially in breakfast) because it deters your unnecessary food cravings and keeps your tummy full for longer hours.

Instead of cutting short carbs and fat-rich food, eat what you think is right for you without blindly believing any baseless myth.

2. Working out goes handy with eating poorly

Everyday work out requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm and to sustain yourself for longer and to boost your endurance, you should not start dieting all of a sudden without consulting any physician or health expert.

It is therefore important that you include all the essential nutrients in your everyday diet if you want to get in shape at fast pace.

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3. Cutting Carbs from your diet will make you skinny

Usually we begin to lose weight after cutting carbs from our everyday diet and this is mostly because you shed off your body's water weight. Pretty much against the popular, cutting short of carbs and replacing them with fiber-rich food can magically catalyze the entire weight loss process.

4. No pain, No gain

It is not necessary that you need to set yourself into painful and tedious workout exercises to get quick results. For long term benefits, it is advisable to stick to gentle and peaceful workouts and exercise which not only calms your nerves but also help in weight loss.

5. Sweeteners are best for weight loss

Pretty much contrary to the well-known belief, sweeteners (both artificial and natural) can actually make you fat and harm you in multiple ways. So ,it is best that you continue with the refined sugar in lesser quantities followed by good workouts to shed those off.

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