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5 Reasons Why Shorter Workouts Are Better

A short workout is the perfect way to get fit without disturbing your schedule.

5 Reasons Why Shorter Workouts Are Better

Short workouts are quick and effective

You need to exercise to stay healthy. But this busy life style has you pegged, right? And you've no option left but to cancel your gym subscription. But as they say, "When one door closes, another one opens", we give you a solution to your problem about time management and exercise schedule. Short workouts - They're the way to go forward now. With proven results, this method will help you in every aspect, and don't worry your schedule will not be disturbed too. Read below the benefits of a short but intensive workout.

1. More Focus - They are intense. They require infallible concentration. When the time period is short you can't afford to slack during the exercise. Contrary to a long workout you can't cover your lethargic attitude in a short workout, simply because you don't have the enough time.

2. Fast results - Research has shown that just 20 minutes of high intensity training, two to three times per week, can even lead to better results than slow and steady workouts performed five times a week. Not only does it burn fat and boosts your cardiovascular health, but a short intense workout also produces muscle-building hormones which improves bone and tissue growth.

3. Time is not an issue - Most of the time we back out from a workout because of the time and dedication it demands. "I don't have the time" is our way out of this solution. Well you can't hide behind your calendar anymore. A short workout can be done in intervals which are minutes long.

4. A stable appetite - A length workout makes you feel good and proud of yourselves. You think you deserve a cheat food. A burger here or a soft drink there. And in a few seconds, all your efforts have gone to waste. Whereas a shorter workout serves well to normalise your appetite. Since you are not spending hours in the gym, you don't feel the need to be awarded by extra food.

5. You avoid over-straining yourself - Overdoing anything can be harmful and exercise is no option. Sometimes long workouts can give your bodies more stress than they can handle. In certain cases, the damage had been so severe that it couldn't be improved without medical assistance. Contrary to this a short workout has no risk of getting you over worked.

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