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Replace Sugar Today With These Top 5 Healthy Sweeteners

The amount of fructose in refined sugar makes it extremely unhealthy if taken in excessive amounts. However, there are many easily available natural sweeteners which can be included in your diet to get the sugary taste without having to compromise with your health. Read on to know more about them.

Replace Sugar Today With These Top 5 Healthy Sweeteners

Include natural sweeteners to your diet to stay healthy and fine


  1. The fiber content in banana puree helps in digestion
  2. The high amount of fructose in refined sugar is unhealthy
  3. Natural Sweeteners should be taken in limited quantities

Are you a sweet-toothed person but are not allowed to eat sugar? Are you confused about healthy sweeteners to replace your white sugar with? Well! there are many healthy alternatives to refined sugar which tastes exactly like sugar but are not as unhealthy as them. Although, the quantity of sugar intake should be controlled and kept an eye on (especially if you are a diabetic), it is quite ruthless to ask of you to completely abstain from enjoying those sugar-rich dishes.

According to health experts, the natural sweeteners (as listed below) fall under 'slightly healthy' category because they contain harmful elements in less quantity in comparison to refined sugar. But they can be chosen as an agreeable alternative to it because these sweeteners not just give you sugary delight but also enriches your body with essential nutrients.

1. Coconut Sugar

Packed with various essential nutrients like Zinc, Potassium, poly-phenol and various anti-oxidant substances, coconut sugar is a versatile alternative to refined white sugar. The fiber and high nutrient content in it makes it one of the most recommended sweetener and its availability makes it an easy choice for many of us.

coconut sugar

2. Dates

Dates are loaded with potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6 which makes it a boon for those who are suffering from indigestion and constipation problems. The nutrient content of dates also helps in boosting metabolic process in the body and gets you out of painful bowel movements.

It is advised that dates should be consumed in paste form. It not only makes your dish sweet and tasty but also adds an extra flavor to it.

3. Raw Honey

Raw honey is considered to be a 'super food' as it contains all the essential nutrients in adequate amounts. It contains phosphorous, zinc, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin etc. It also contains anti-oxidants which gives it anti-bacterial characteristic.

According to health experts, honey should not be cooked and fried. It should be added to salads, sprouts, milkshakes and other sweet dishes after it is cooked because honey loses its nutrient content when it is cooked and fried.

raw honey vs regular honey

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4. Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup is prepared by fermenting Brown rice with the help of enzymes to breakdown starch. The obtained liquid is then heated until the adequate consistency is achieved.

Brown Rice Syrup works as an amazing alternative to corn syrup and is recommended to be added in one to one ratio for to make your appropriately sweet and sugary.

5. Banana Puree

Bananas are a good source of fiber and potassium and contains Vitamin- B6 and Vitamin-C in high amounts. While it works amazingly well in treating loose-motions, this can be used as a healthy and tasty alternative to white sugar.

The natural thickness in the fruit because of fiber content and its irreplaceable taste makes it one of the most loved alternative to normal sugar.

Although these natural sweeteners contain harmful glucose complexes in lesser quantity in comparison to other sugars, excessive intake of these sweeteners should be avoided if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy in the longer run.

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