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Health Coach Luke Tells Why You Need Think Twice Before Tonsil Removal; Tonsillectomy Do's And Don'ts You Must Know

Celebrity health coach Luke Coutinho suggests that surgical removal of tonsils can be possibly avoided by doctors. This is more important because tonsils work for the body's immunity.

Health Coach Luke Tells Why You Need Think Twice Before Tonsil Removal; Tonsillectomy Dos And Donts You Must Know

Many white blood cells are present in tonsils, which work for the body's immunity


  1. Tonsillectomy is referred to the surgical removal of tonsils
  2. Tonsillitis can make a person experience trouble swallowing
  3. Tonsils contain white blood cells which help in boosting immunity
Health coach Luke Coutinho is of the opinion that people should think twice before going ahead with removal of tonsils. As part of a small post on Facebook, he says that people should take several opinions before surgical removal of tonsils of your child or yourself. He stresses that very few children and adults really need surgical removal of tonsils or tonsillectomy. Tonsils or adenoids play a major role in supporting the immune system. The National Health Services UK has listed surgical removal of tonsils as one which can be possibly avoided by doctors. Doctors must take the initiative of informing patients about the alternative to tonsillectomy. As per Luke, surgery should be the last resort for swollen tonsils. They surely are discomforting and painful, but that discomfort is merely a symptom of your body's immunity working. Tonsils are two small glands which are located at the back of your heart. Many white blood cells are present in tonsils. These white blood cells are helpful in fighting infection. However, at times the tonsils themselves become infected. This condition is known as tonsillitis, which causes swelling of tonsils and gives you a sore throat. It is because of frequent episodes of tonsillitis that a person looks forwards to surgical removal of tonsils or tonsillectomy.

Tonsillitis can also make a person experience trouble swallowing, catch fever and even get swollen glands around the neck. The throat turns red and the tonsils get covered in a whitish or yellow coating. Sometimes, the swelling goes on its own. In other cases, tonsillitis is treated with the help of antibiotics or tonsillectomy.

Tonsillectomy may help in treating breathing problems like sleep apnea and heavy snoring.


Tonsillitis is treated with the help of antibiotics or tonsillectomy
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Who needs tonsillectomy?

The need for tonsillectomy is more common in children as compared to adults. Nonetheless, people of any age can experience trouble with their tonsils and may require surgery. However, just one case of tonsillitis is not enough to warrant a tonsillectomy. Surgery is recommended for those who get sick with tonsillitis too often or have a strep throat. People who have had tonsillitis at least 7 times should probably talk to their doctor about getting a tonsillectomy.

Also, people who experience breathing problems because of swollen tonsils; those suffering from sleep apnea; the ones whose tonsils bleed or experience frequent and loud snoring should consider a tonsillectomy.


Tonsillectomy can cure the problem of snoring

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Risk factors of tonsillectomy

Common risk factors of tonsillectomy include bleeding, infection, swelling and reaction to anesthetics.

Things to do before a tonsillectomy

It is suggested to stop taking anti-inflammatory medicines at least 2 weeks before tonsillectomy. These medicines include aspirins, naproxen and ibuprofen. These drugs can increase chances of bleeding during or after the surgery.

A person needs to fast before midnight before a tonsillectomy. Avoid drinking or eating after midnight, it will help in reducing risk of feeling nauseous from the aesthetic.

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Anti-inflammatory medicines should be avoided 2 weeks before tonsillectomy
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Recovery from tonsillectomy

As part of recovery from tonsillectomy, patients experience some pain or sore throat. There is also some pain in the jaw, ears or neck. It is important to get lots of rest during the first 2 or 3 days after surgery.

Sip water or eat ice pops. You need to stay hydrated without hurting your throat. Eat only soft foods for a couple of days after the surgery. Avoid eating anything crunchy or spicy after the surgery.

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