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You Cannot Miss These Health Benefits Of Having A Good Quality Of Sleep

This World Sleep Day, we present you little known health benefits of having a good quality of sleep.

You Cannot Miss These Health Benefits Of Having A Good Quality Of Sleep

Sleeping adequately is important for our overall functioning


  1. Sleeping well improves our concentration and functioning
  2. Inadequate sleep can cause weight gain
  3. Sleeping well improves our immunity

Our full-time jobs and responsibilities in life can make us highly stressed and sleep deprived. Sleeping is something which we rely on after having a long and tiring day. It makes us feel fresh, boosts our mood and also helps keep those unwanted dark circles at bay. March 16 is observed as World Sleep Day. The day marks the celebration of the importance of sleep, and raise awareness about important sleep-related issues. On this World Sleep Day, we present you some little known health benefits of sleep that will encourage you to hit bed on time, every day! Read on...

sleepSleeping well is important for health 
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1. Sleeping well improves concentration and productivity

Sleep plays an important role when it comes to proper functioning of the brain. It improves our performance, productivity, cognition and concentration. Sleeping well helps in functioning in a better and smarter way. It also improves our memory.

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2. Good sleep improves athletic performance

Getting adequate sleep can help in improving our athletic performance. Sleeping well improves the efficiency of your workout. It improves speed, mental well-being and accuracy.

3. Sleeping well improves immunity

Sleeping inadequately can adversely impact your immune function. People who sleep less than hours in a day are at higher risk of developing cold than people who sleep for 8 hours or more. Sleeping for 8 hours or more can be effective in dealing with cold.

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4. Sleeping well curbs inflammation

Sleeping well can play an important role in reducing inflammation in the body. Sleeping inadequately can cause cell damage and increase cell damage. Long-term inflammation in the digestive tract and inflammatory bowel diseases are common among people who sleep inadequately.

5. Poor sleep can cause weight gain

Not sleeping properly has been linked to weight gain. Sleeping for short durations has been considered as a major factor for obesity. Sleeping less can cause hormonal imbalance in the body and also take away the motivation to exercise. Thus, it is very important for people on a weight loss expedition to get adequate sleep.

weight gain Not having a good quality of sleep can cause weight gain
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6. Sleep effects our emotions and social interactions

People who sleep well are able to feel emotionally strong and are better in interacting socially.

7. Depression may be a cause of poor sleep

Mental health conditions such as depression can have a lot to do with sleeping disorders and poor quality of sleep. Studies say that around 90% of depression patients have reported to have a poor quality of sleep. People who sleep inadequately are prone to conditions such as sleep apnea, insomnia and depression.

depression can make you feel tired all dayInadequate sleep can cause depression

8. People who sleep properly tend to consume fewer calories

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People who are sleep deprived tend to have more appetite as compared to people who are in the habit of having adequate sleep. Being deprived in sleep leads to fluctuation in appetite hormones and disturbs the regulation of appetite. Ghrelin (hormone stimulating appetite) levels increase and leptin (hormone suppressing appetite) levels reduce when we sleep inadequately.

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