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The Psychology Behind Memory: Know Tips To Boost Memory

Memory is defined as the capability of your mind to encode, store, retrieve or recall any information. If you want to boost your memory, here are some tips for you.

The Psychology Behind Memory: Know Tips To Boost Memory

Carefully understanding the event can help you recall it easily


  1. Memory is the capability of mind to remember things
  2. There are three discrete stages of memory
  3. Memory helps in recalling various life events

Have you ever found yourself forgetting about your early morning meetings or examination dates? Did you ever experience a sudden recall of events from your past? Both of these statements relate to memory. Memory is defined as the capability of your mind to encode, store, retrieve or recall any information. There are 3 discrete stages of memory which define the way it works and the stages of retention of information which takes place in the brain. First is the receiving stage of memory. During which the brain receives, takes a series of activities to process and associate the message signal. The second stage is known as storage, during this process the information is stored and retained in the brain for a long period. The last stage of memory is called as retrieval; these involve the recovery of the retained information in reaction to a signal or prompt.

If you are worried about forgetting things then here are some tips to boost memory.

Tips to improve memory

Memory enhancement strategies can be very easy to practice. You can enhance your memory in different ways; some of them can be-

1. Include all senses while learning

While you are attempting to retrieve or recall some information, it is very important to keep all your senses awake. This means involving your visual, auditory and semantic senses into the information you are trying to retain. This strategy is very helpful as different pieces of information require contrasting senses to retain completely.

2. Use mnemonics

Use of mnemonic devices can be very helpful while you are trying to learn any new difficult information. You may sometimes find yourself getting caught up while remembering a historic timeline or peculiar information about certain things. By using mnemonics you can add a name to each starting letter of the word or phrase to remember it entirely.

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3. Organize the information

Organizing the information in small parts can help you in recall it better. By practicing this technique your brain develops a pattern to understand the information and comprehend it in the right way.

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4. Manage sleep-time

To remember information in a more efficient way, you should try managing your schedule by adding enough sleep routine into it. Researchers have found that sleeping after reading new information can help the brain to retain it more than cramming the information without getting sleep.


A proper sleeping insures better overall health
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5. Take breaks

As you go through memorizing a concept, it is very important to take breaks rather than gathering all information in one go. Researchers say that taking breaks after every 45-minute long session can help in a better recall of memory.

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