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What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Tea? Watch This Video To Find Out

Life coach Luke Coutinho discusses the various benefits of black tea, green tea and oolong tea

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Tea? Watch This Video To Find Out

Tea comes with a host of important benefits

India is a land where people simply love tea. A cup of tea is often what makes someone's day. And, guess what? Tea is also beneficial for health. Life coach Luke Coutinho talks about its health benefits in a recent live session on social media. There he specifically refers to black tea, green tea and oolong tea. He does not suggest adding sugar, honey, jaggery or milk to the tea as it can tone down its benefits. A cup of tea is enough to help you reach the peak of health. However, Luke warns that some people are inherently caffeine intolerant and if anyone is uncomfortable having these teas, they should discontinue their consumption.

In the video, Luke says, “As we keep researching to help us in our field of cancer, immunology, inflammatory diseases, lifestyle diseases that constantly, you know, learning more and more about the simplest foods that have existed the decades and decades.”

Tea is one such simple food. And, it comes with a host of important benefits.

One of the important benefits of having tea is its impact on bones. Bone matrix is not just Vitamin D3. It constitutes calcium, Vitamin K2, magnesium and smaller trace minerals, like selenium, copper, boron, sulphur and a lot more. But nowadays, bone problems like osteoporosis and osteopenia are becoming more popular, which is a concerning situation. Tea can help prevent and treat these problems. Tea can help build up and maintain the bone matrix.

Bone problems arise when there is a decrease in bone density mineralisation of the bones. This happens because of improper nutrition and poor lifestyle black tea.

How does tea help? Black tea, green tea and oolong tea are rich with polyphenols, flavonoids and a whole lot more good stuff. But let's focus on polyphenols from black tea. Studies now indicate that these chemical compounds in tea can increase mineralisation in your bones and delay the demineralisation of your bones.

If your bones are weak, you may think that drinking more cups of tea every day will help you drastically strengthen your bones. However, anything consumed in excess will lead to a decline in health.

Here are some other health benefits of tea:

1) Flavonoids in tea are good for brain function, cognitive health, better memory, better focus and the reduction of brain fog.

2) Black tea is good for gut health.

3) Black tea helps in case of gastric problems and food poisoning.

4) There are studies of black tea's effect on Alzheimer's, dementia and Parkinson's disease as well. It is recommended as a preventive tool and it is recommended as a beverage for even patients who are going through these problems.

5) It's also excellent to reduce bad cholesterol.

6) It is excellent to reduce inflammation, which is the leading cause of all heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and everything else.

Here is the video:

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So, as you take your next sip, keep in mind all of the health benefits that the cup of tea will provide you.


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