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Stressed Amidst Festive Preparations? Here Are Some Tips To Beat Stress Effectively

Festivals are around the corner. With so many preparations to do you might feel a little stressed. Here are some tips for you to manage stress effectively.

Stressed Amidst Festive Preparations? Here Are Some Tips To Beat Stress Effectively

Meditation and exercising can help you beat stress effectively


  1. Too much stress can make you consume extra calories
  2. Exercise can help you stay stress-free
  3. A healthy diet also play a role in controlling stress

The festive season is here with all the sweets, lights, diyas and much more. The celebration requires a lot of preparations too. This year with festive preparation it is also important to follow all necessary precautions to protect yourself from Covid-19. When you have too many tasks to complete, feeling a little stressed is absolutely normal. You must be aware that stress is not good for your health. Also, controlling unnecessary stress can help you enjoy the festive season to the fullest. If you feeling stressed these days, here are some tips to beat the stress and keep up the festive stress.

Festive season stress: These tips might help

From simple diet to lifestyle changes, simple modifications can help you beat stress effectively. Here are some tips that might help.

Dr. A. D. Goyal who is a psychiatrist explains, "To reduce stress during the festive season, it is suggested to go natural and minimalistic. This will not be heavy on your pocket. Go environment friendly and unleash your creativity to stay stress-free. Festivals also offer a great opportunity to spend quality time with near and dear ones. Take a break from technology and virtual life to connect back with your family. You have all the right to say NO and saying no won't make you the party spoiler. Be careful to stay away from too much alcohol consumption and smoking as these can trigger stress. It is also okay to relax a little during festivals but don't throw the routine out of the window. But if you are overwhelmed by festival stress don't feel shy to seek help from an expert."

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You should avoid consumption of alcohol to prevent stress
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Other tips to stay stress-free during festivities-

Do not miss exercising during festivals. Regular exercise can help you stay fit as well as reduce stress. You can start your day by exercising to stay active throughout the day. You can also try yoga or meditation.

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Choose healthy snacking. Unhealthy eating can make you more stressed. Avoid binge eating and indulge in healthy snacking whenever possible. But do not miss the festive delicacies as well.

Also, make sure that you give some time to yourself too. In between all the preparations make sure that you spend some time in activities you enjoy and relax for a while.

(Dr. A. D. Goyal is MBBS, MD - Psychiatry at HopeQure Wellness Solutions)

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