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Stay Fit With These Stair Exercises You Can Perform At Home

Looking for some simple exercises you can perform at home without any special equipment? Here are a few exercises you can try with stairs. These can help you burn calories, strengthen legs and much more.

Stay Fit With These Stair Exercises You Can Perform At Home

Climbing stairs is an effective exercise which can help burn calories


  1. Climbing stairs is beneficial for your legs
  2. You can perform simple exercises at home using stairs
  3. Climbing stairs can help you burn calories

Skip the elevator and take the stairs! You might have heard this a thousand times. Climbing is an effective exercise that helps you burn calories. To burn calories, you do not need fancy equipment. You can perform simple exercises at home which can help you lose weight. You might be surprised to know that you can perform some simple exercises at home with the help of stairs which can assist in weight loss. Climbing stairs is also good for your legs, heart and overall health. If you have a busy schedule, here are some simple stair exercises which you can perform at your home daily without any equipment.

Stair exercises you can perform at home

1. Step up

This is a simple exercise in which you need to stand at a distance from the stair. Keep your one foot on the step and take the other foot on the step and stand straight. Now, take the same foot back on the floor first and stand straight. Repeat the same with both legs. Always keep your back straight during this exercise.

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2. Crab walk

You can do the crab walk with the help of stairs. Place your legs on the two stairs below and your arms behind the backs. Slowly raise your hips from the ground and crawl upwards and downwards. You might not be able to perform many repetitions initially.


Stair exercises can help in weight loss as well as toning of the legs
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3. Side squat

You can use your stairs to perform side squats. Stand sideways on the stairs and keep you one leg up on the most comfortable step. Move sideways up and squat down. Later, change the side and repeat by keeping the other foot up.

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Good balance plays a significant role while performing stair exercises. Do not choose a stair too far from you as it may lead to injury. If you are suffering from any injury, avoid performing these exercises. People with conditions related to bones should consult a doctor before trying these.

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