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Weight Loss And 4 Other Reasons To Include Protein-Rich Sprouts In Your Daily Diet

Weight loss tips: Protein-rich sprouts can help you lose weight, prevent constipation and also help in improving your metabolism. Here are the top reasons for you to include sprouts in your daily diet.

Weight Loss And 4 Other Reasons To Include Protein-Rich Sprouts In Your Daily Diet

Weight loss tips: Sprouts are a good option for vegetarian and vegan protein


  1. Sprouts are rich in fibre and can prevent constipation
  2. They can help in improving metabolism
  3. Sprouts can be included in weight loss diet

Sprouts are amongst the few of weight loss-friendly foods that are not so heavy on your packet. You practically need nothing extra to prepare sprouts. They can be prepared easily at home, with simple and basic ingredients that are already there in the kitchen. They are rich in protein, fibre and other nutrients that can benefit your body in more ways than you can imagine. Sprouts can rightly be termed as a superfood as they can help in detoxing your body, aid weight loss and make you feel energetic, all at once! If you know a few tricks and tips, then sprouts can turn out to a lip-smacking meal/snacking option.

Sprouts for weight loss: top reasons to include sprouts in your diet

To prepare sprouts, all you ned to do is soak green moong dal or black beans or black chana (choice is upto you), soak them in water for 8 to 10 hours, rinse and drain. The best part is that sprouts are now available even with the vegetable vendor in your area (helpful for all of you busy bees out there).

"I always see sprouts as a nutritionally rich snack. It perfectly caters to your hunger pangs because of the fibre content in it. Fibre in sprouts also helps in prevent unhealthy snacking," mentions nutritionist Monisha Ashokan.

She goes on to add that sprouts are extremely rich in protein and can be eaten as a raw snack with some cut salads or even added to your regular meals in slightly cooked form. "I highly recommend sprouts as a good energy booster and also a great source of plant-based protein," says Monisha.

1. Rich in protein, sprouts can help you lose weight

A quick sprouts salad is enough to provide you with your daily dose of protein. Sprouts are incredibly low in calories and are rich in fibre. Eating sprouts can help you feel full for longer and reduce appetite, thus help with weight loss. Fibre in sprouts can also be beneficial for keeping constipation at bay.


Sprouts can help you maintain a healthy weight and may aid weight loss
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2. They can improve metabolism

Sprouted beans and pulses contain lots of essential enzymes that your body cannot get otherwise through food. This enzyme influx can be beneficial for your metabolism. Protein-rich sprouts can help in muscle growth and repair, cell creation, organ repair and much more.

3. Sprouts are good for digestion

Fibre-rich sprouts can help in forming bulk of stools, thus preventing constipation and improving overall digestion. Metabolism boosting enzymes in sprouts help in proper breaking down of good so as to promote better absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract.


Sprouts can prevent constipation and improve overall digestion
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4. They can give a boost to immunity

Vitamin C rich sprouts can give a boost to your immunity and help the body fight infections effectively. It helps in neutralising damage caused by free radicals and ensure that you stay fit and healthy.

5. Sprouts can help treat anaemia

Iron-rich sprouts can help your body fight anaemia. Anaemia is caused by iron deficiency. It causes reduction in red blood cells and may cayse nausea, fatigue, stomach disorders and light-headedness. Sprouts contain traces of iron and copper, both of which are essential for regulating blood circulation. They help in improving cell's ability to transport oxygen to organs.

You can either snack on sprouts, eat them raw, or make a sprout salad. You can also add them to your sandwiches, stir-fries, soups, omelettes and burger patty. If you are on a weight loss diet, then sprouts must be a part of it! 

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(Monisha Ashokan is a nutritionist at NourishMe)

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