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Sleep: Your Diet Influences Quality Of Sleep; Follow These Diet Tips For Better Sleep

What we eat directly influences our sleep. This is especially influential when we eat these foods before bed. Follow these before-bed diet tips for a good night's sleep.

Sleep: Your Diet Influences Quality Of Sleep; Follow These Diet Tips For Better Sleep

Our diet can help improve the quality of our sleep and boost our overall health

A good night's sleep can be hampered by a variety of things, including sickness, work stress, and family obligations. It makes sense why getting good sleep can be difficult at times. It's possible that you have no control over the things that keep you from sleeping. You may, however, develop routines that promote healthier sleeping. Start with these easy suggestions.

Since both nutrition and sleep are complicated, there is no magic food or diet supplement that will magically improve sleep. Nonetheless, there are some meals and beverages that may help you sleep well. Continue reading as we share some diet tips and foods to improve your quality of sleep.

Follow these diet tips to boost your quality of sleep:

1. Avoid spicy foods for dinner

Heartburn brought on by eating spicy food can interfere with your sleep. It is common for acid reflux to go worse when you lie down. If the backed-up acid irritates your airway, your sleep apnea symptoms can also get worse. Moreover, studies have shown that red pepper consumption can raise your core body temperature, which is disruptive because your core body temperature typically decreases as you sleep.

2. Have a kiwi for dessert

Kiwis are a fruit with very little calories and a lot of nutrients. Moreover, kiwis may improve the health of your digestive system, lower inflammation, and lower cholesterol. Due to their high fibre and carotenoid antioxidant content, they have these properties. Kiwis may also be among the greatest foods to eat before bedtime, according to studies on their propensity to enhance sleep quality.

3. Skip on high-protein dinner

Since your digestion slows down by up to 50% while you sleep, high-protein dishes like red meat and chicken might also interfere with your sleep because they take a while to digest. If you eat a substantial meal soon before bed, your body will experience a similar struggle.

4. Nuts are the best bedtime snacks

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews are just a few of the nuts that are frequently recommended as ideal sleep foods. Nuts include melatonin as well as other minerals like magnesium and zinc that are crucial to a number of bodily activities, however the precise amounts can vary. Melatonin, magnesium, and zinc together were proven to improve sleep quality in older persons with insomnia in a clinical experiment employing supplements. 

5. Avoid dinner high in fats

Eating high amounts of unhealthy fats is bad for you no matter when you eat it. However, even eating healthy fats before bed may not be very healthy. This might be as a result of the weight gain and decreased sensitivity to the brain chemical orexin, which aids in regulating the body's circadian rhythm, that high-fat foods cause.

6. Don't drink alcohol before bed

According to research, healthy individuals who drink alcohol do first experience quicker and deeper sleep. Alcohol can, however, wake people up when it starts to wear off, disrupting highly critical and restorative sleep cycles. Alcohol usage on a regular basis increases the risk of memory loss, sleep talking, and worsening of sleep apnea symptoms.

7. Have camomile tea before bed

Chamomile tea is a popular herbal tea which has a number of health advantages. The distinctive qualities of chamomile tea may enhance the quality of sleep. A specific substance found in chamomile tea is apigenin. This antioxidant connects to specific brain receptors that could increase sleepiness and lessen insomnia.

Incorporate these diet tips to your daily routine if you often suffer with sleep issues. 

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