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Sitting For Long Hours Daily Causes Long-Term Effects; Here's How To Prevent It

In this article, we list some ways in which you can reduce the damage of sitting for long hours.

Sitting For Long Hours Daily Causes Long-Term Effects; Heres How To Prevent It

Poor posture for prolonged periods can effect our bone health and cause pain

Sitting requires less energy than standing or moving around. Long hours of sitting have been associated with several health issues, according to research. They include obesity and metabolic syndrome, a group of disorders marked by high blood pressure, diabetes, extra body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

The risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer appears to be increased by excessive sitting overall and by sitting for extended periods of time. Extended sitting can be dangerous, whether it's at a desk, behind the wheel, or in front of a screen.

Thirteen papers on activity levels and sitting time were examined by researchers. They discovered that people who sat still for more than eight hours a day had a mortality risk comparable to that posed by being overweight and smoking.

Contrary to some previous studies, this study of information from more than 1 million individuals discovered that engaging in 60 to 75 minutes of moderately intensive physical exercise each day could counteract the negative consequences of excessive sitting. Other research has revealed that sitting time has minimal effect on mortality risk for those who are most active.

As much as sitting for long hours is unhealthy, it may be unavoidable for many people that have 9 to 5 jobs. In such cases, other measures should be taken to subdue the effects of sitting for long hours. In this article, we list some ways in which you can reduce the damage of sitting for long hours.

Here are some tips for people who have to sit for long hours daily:

1. Move throughout the day

Take advantage of your breaks to get some fresh air and stay active. It's acceptable to begin modestly and progress to longer breaks. This can involve taking a quick walk outside, around your office, or up and down your stairs. Find the movement style that appeals to you the most using your best judgment.

2. Fix your sitting set-up

Fixing your workplace chair and workspace is the most important change you can do to alleviate the effects of prolonged sitting. In order to preserve the natural curve of your low back, you need to make sure you have lumbar support. If you don't have a supportive chair, you can roll up a towel and place it behind your low back or buy a lumbar support pillow.

3. Get up once an hour

Getting up once per hour for a short period of time is a terrific strategy to stay active throughout the day. Every hour, stand up and take a few laps around the office to get some fresh air. You can stroll over to the office kitchen to periodically refill your cup if you like to drink tea or coffee.

4. Stretch

When you wake up, during your lunch break, or whenever you have a few minutes to spare during the day, schedule a fast and simple stretch. Stretching can increase your productivity throughout the day by helping you recenter and refocus.

5. Wear blue-ray glasses

Eye strain is a serious condition that has a significant impact on adverse symptoms like migraines. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid staring at screens these days due to online commuting. Blue-light-blocking eyewear can help to prevent damage to your eyes at this point. They are ideal for easing eye fatigue.

6. Focus on your posture

Perhaps the most crucial strategy for maintaining health when working a desk job is having good posture. To maintain general health, proper posture is crucial. Keep your feet firmly planted and your back straight. You should think about a chair that is ergonomically designed if you are having any back pain. Back pain chairs promote good posture and assist in returning the back and spine to their more natural positions.

7. Try eye massages

It's always a good idea to take periodic eye rests by occasionally concentrating on distant objects if you're gazing at your computer all day to help prevent eye strain. Self-massage of the eyes every few hours is another fantastic method of reducing eye strain.

Keep these things in mind to prevent the adverse effects of sitting for long hours daily.

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