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Should You Put Henna On Your Hair?

Henna is usually recommended in place of chemical hair dyes. But how safe is it for your hair?

Should You Put Henna On Your Hair?

How safe is henna for your hair?


  1. Natural Henna or Mehandi is the safest hair dye option
  2. Henna gives an effect in accordance with your natural hair colour
  3. Adulterated henna can leave you with allergic reactions and even burns

Are you thinking about coloring your hair? Now the risks involved with chemical hair dyes is no news to any of us. There are alternatives and the most popular alternative to hair dyes is henna. But a number of people tend to be suspicious about it.

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It is believed that henna leaves layers on your hair and makes them heavier (only in weight, it does not increase the volume of hair) which is not good for hair. It is also believed that henna leaves your hair dry and robbing them of all the shine and silkiness.

But keeping the beliefs aside, let's stick to facts. Natural Henna or Mehandi is the safest hair dye option. Yes, we stress on the word natural because chemical and adulterated henna is also available in the market. These adulterations have a negative impact, it leaves people with allergic reactions and sometimes even burns on the skin.

So, when it comes to the safety of henna, we recommend natural henna, one which you can prepare at home and with your own choice of ingredients. Note that henna gives a color effect in accordance with your natural hair color. These can be brown, shiny black, reddish-brown or even a tinge of orange at times.

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How to prepare henna?

Prepare your own henna paste at home with ingredients present in your kitchen.

1. Take 2 cups of henna powder. Make sure it has no lumps

2. Add black tea to it in smaller quantities so that it does not become all watery.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of coffee powder to it.

4. Add a cup of curd and 2 eggs for nourishment

5. Add a cap full of almond/olive/sunflower oil to it.

6. Prepare a thick paste with no lumps

7. Leave it overnight.

8. Apply it thoroughly on your hair and let it set for one and half or two hours. Henna takes time to bring out the best colour.

9. Now wash it off with lukewarm water.

10. Dry your hair and apply oil to it (optional)

11. Wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and conditioner after a day or two for best results.

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So, henna is not harmful for your hair if used in the natural from. Prepare your own henna paste at home with all the natural ingredients in accordance with your requirements and get the most of its benefits. 


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