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Physical Inactivity May Lead To Digestive Issues: Here's How; Follow These Tips To Fight These

Sedentary lifestyle is linked with a number of health issues. It may also contribute to digestive issues. Read here to know how with some tips to fight these.

Physical Inactivity May Lead To Digestive Issues: Heres How; Follow These Tips To Fight These

Sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of chronic diseases


  1. Prolonged sitting may lead to back pain
  2. You should take frequent breaks and go for a walk
  3. Try exercising every day for at least 30 minutes

Many follow a sedentary lifestyle these days. But are not aware of the side effects it may offer. A sedentary lifestyle is linked with several health issues. One of the major health concerns linked with sedentary lifestyle is weight gain. According to WHO, sedentary lifestyle is a major underlying cause of death, disease, and disability. Approximately 2 million deaths every year are attributable to physical inactivity and preliminary findings from a WHO study on risk factors suggest that sedentary lifestyle is one of the ten leading causes of death and disability in the world. Many don't know that sedentary lifestyle could be the reason behind your digestive issues too. Sitting for too long can trigger health issues including health issues. Read on to understand the link between the two.

Sedentary lifestyle and digestive issues: Know the link

Lack of movement makes you burn fewer calories. According to studies published in Gut Journal, physical activity may reduce the risk of diverticulosis, gastric issues and inflammatory bowel disease although this cannot be substantiated firmly. Diverticular disease and constipation are also linked with the amount of physical activity.


Following a sedentary lifestyle may lead to weight gain
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Sitting all day may also cause your abdomen to compress that can slow down digestion and may also lead to bowel functions. When at home, you sit for too long and choose unhealthy snacking more often. Unhealthy eating habits can also contribute to different digestive issues.

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How to avoid digestive issues when sitting all day?

  1. Choose a healthy diet and choose snacks mindfully. Unhealthy snacking can also lead to several digestive issues. Eat a well-balanced diet and choose fibre-rich snacks that can keep you full for longer.
  2. Take a small break quite often. Avoid sitting for too long and go for a small walking break.
  3. Start your day with exercise. Optimum level of physical activity works wonder for your overall health.
  4. Choose small frequent meals. Heavy meals can cause digestive issues and cause discomfort.
  5. You may also try home remedies to control digestive issues. Adding cumin seeds, fennel seeds, peppermint, ginger and yogurt to your diet can boost digestion.

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