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Do You Face Hair Loss In Monsoon? These Food Items May Help You

Rujuta Diwekar revealed three food items that will help you prevent hair loss.

Do You Face Hair Loss In Monsoon? These Food Items May Help You

It's observed that the issue of hair fall increases during monsoon. Well, yes, the changing seasons have a lot of impact on your skin and hair. That's the reason why it's important to keep modifying the haircare regime with every coming season. In monsoon, usually, hair absorbs all the excess moisture in the environment and turns frizzy. This makes the hair weak ultimately resulting in hair fall. There are many other reasons why people face hair loss during this time of the year. While you are relying on haircare products, it's important to acknowledge that a healthy diet will prove to be beneficial. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, through a post on Instagram, shares three food items that can help if you are having hair loss issues during the monsoon.    

Rujuta Diwekar talks about the following three food items:

1)Methi dana

- The nutritionist states that you can add methi dana to some warm coconut oil, let it cool, then massage your scalp and leave overnight.

- She also mentions that the food item can also be added to kadhi and paired with khichdi for dinner.

- Alternately, you can use it in making tadka for your regular vegetable curries like pumpkin or to flavour your raita.

- Methi dana is useful for women suffering from a hormonal issue (PCOD, etc) and facing hair fall issues. This food item helps improve insulin response.

 2) Aliv seeds (garden cress, halim)

- You can soak aliv seeds and have them with milk at the night.

- Apart from that, you can also roll these iron-rich seeds into ladoos with coconut and ghee for even better results.

- Aliv seeds help with hair loss that comes with chemo treatment.


- Rujuta suggests adding a small pinch of nutmeg to milk (along with Aliv) and having it as a nightcap.

- The Vit B6, folic acid and magnesium in nutmeg help prevent hair loss and destress.

Rujuta Diwekar also states other ingredients that can prevent hair loss. She says you must include ghee (for its essential fats), haldi (for its immune-boosting properties) and dahi (for the minerals and probiotic bacteria) in your diet.

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If you are facing hair loss, no need to get worked up. Just follow these tips by Rujuta Diwekar and take care of your hair.


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