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Raksha Bandhan 2023: Try These Low-Calorie Sweets This Rakhi

If you are worried about your calorie intake, here are some low-calorie sweet options that you can try.

Raksha Bandhan 2023: Try These Low-Calorie Sweets This Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan 2023: Prepare low-calorie sweets to avoid some extra weight


  1. Raksha Bandhan makes you eat more sweets which adds more calories to you
  2. This year make your own low-calorie desserts
  3. Also drink ample amount of water throughout the day

Raksha Bandhan - a festival that celebrates the eternal bond of brother and sister is here. Every brother and sister are excited to celebrate this festival. This festival is loaded with fun, love and  sweets. However, fitness enthusiasts are often worried about their calorie intake even during festivities. But sweets become irresistible during festivities. This rakhi, instead of avoiding them completely, replace them with some low-calorie options. In this article, here's a list of low-calorie sweets that you can enjoy on raksha bandhan without worrying about your calorie intake.

Low-Calorie sweets for Raksha Bandhan 202

1. Make your own healthy cake

You can prepare a healthy cake and make this festival more special for your loved ones. A carrot cake or a banana and date cake is a healthy and delicious option. It will help satisfy your sweet cravings and you can enjoy the festival without worrying about your calorie intake.


A carrot cake is a healthy option which you can try this Raksha Bandhan
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2. Carrot halwa (Gajar ka halwa)

No one can say no to Gajar ka halwa. It is rich in flavours along with the goodness of carrots. You can prepare a low-calorie gajar ka halwa with less sugar or healthy sugar alternates. Do not add extra ghee to it to keep the calories under control.

3. Low-calorie milk cake

Milk cake is another tasty treat which you cannot resist. You can prepare a low-calorie milk cake by adding less ghee and sugar to it. Also, add cinnamon while preparing the sweet. This makes it healthier.

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4.Multigrain ladoo

You can make laddoos healthier by using multiple grains. These laddoos are filling with the goodness of multiple grains.

Other tips to eat smart this festive season

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Avoid adding junk to your meals
  • Prepare your own sweets with less sugar or healthy alternates to sugar like jaggery
  • Eat more fibre rich foods to stay full for longer
  • Keep a check on your portion sizes

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