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Portion Size: Does It Matter?

You'd be surprised by how much it does. Calories are calories all foods have them which is why portion control can help with even the healthiest of foods.

Portion Size: Does It Matter?

Foods have calories, and all calories, whether they're healthy or not, count and add up!


  1. Most of us can't differentiate between a small portion and a big one
  2. Our body takes more than 20 minutes to signal that we are full
  3. Even healthy foods should be eaten in moderation
Do you think it would make a difference to your health is you ate 6 meals throughout the day that measure exactly equal to 3 big ones? Have you ever wondered while putting food on your plate if your portion size is the 'correct' one? Well, if you're like most people (including me), you haven't. But research has proven multiple times that portion size is the golden tool you can use to chisel your body to good health. Here's why it matters.

The truth about portions unveiled

Various studies have found with overwhelming evidence that we will eat whatever amount of food was given to us, even if the excess in portion size is up to 300 calories or maybe more. Not just this, most of us won't even realise that we have had more than the usual and won't feel excessively full after the meal.

This was shown in a research conducted by Diliberti et al in 2004 where regular eaters at a cafeteria were given food in different portion sizes. The results showed that not only did they not feel any different (or more full) from the regular lunch meals, they did not even realise they had had more. Worse yet, diners who were given larger meals chose to consume more of the other side stuff and willingly finished the entire portion without leaving more than regular food unfinished.

This is worrying when you realise how big the portions at restaurants have become today. The recent portion control enacted by the NDA government to reduce the exorbitant portion size in standard hotels and fast food joints by more than 50% is proof of the bad situation.

If you visit a McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's or any other junk food station today, the person behind the counter will ask you if you want a 'large' or a 'medium; size. The 'small' size conveniently shrinks away from their notice. The increase in the medium size from a small size of coke is about 100 calories. Add the same for fries, burger and 6 slices of pizza and you will see your body size slowly resembling that of a sumo wrestler from Japan. This is over 1000 calories already, out of the 1800 recommended intake. The 'value meals' often also include medium or large sized foods and the while it may seem you are paying less for more food, the damage is actually bigger when you take your health into the picture.

Being overweight can mean problems in blood pressure, diabetes, liver and kidney damage, increased chances of stroke and serious heart diseases.

Portion size is important even when you are eating a salad

Everything has calories. If you binge eat of 3 servings of salad for lunch, you are definitely going to gain weight. Though not as much as when you eat a value meal of burger fries and coke.

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Even though peanut butter has a lot of health benefits, if you spread it generously on your bread, it's bad news for your. Ideally, only 2 tablespoons, that is double the size of your thumb is recommended for use.

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