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Did You Know Apples Can Wake You Up In The Morning? Nutritionist Explains

Apples have natural sugar which wakes you up in the morning. 

Did You Know Apples Can Wake You Up In The Morning? Nutritionist Explains

Apple Benefits: Apples improve digestion as they are abundant in fibre

 The first thing that you eat in the morning holds a significant role in your diet. The majority of people, especially tea/coffee connoisseurs, prefer to sip our preferred beverage as soon as we wake up. Well, we agree that a fresh brewing cuppa charges up the body and improve brain function, but it is not a healthy choice. We cannot overlook the claims that state that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can be harmful. And, to guide us more on this we have nutritionist Nmami Agarwal. As per her latest video on Instagram, we must try to replace the hot beverage with a fresh apple. Sharing the video, she writes, “Apple or Coffee…What would you prefer to wake you up in the morning?” 

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The nutritionist explains that even though apples contain no caffeine, they have natural sugars that will wake you up in the morning. Nmami Agarwal adds the fruit “gives you sustainable energy and has fibre which balances blood sugar levels.” 
The benefits of eating apples don't end here, the list is pretty long. 

Have a look:

1. Digestion
Apples contain fibre, which can help improve the process of digestion. Fibre is responsible for smoother bowel movements and it also prevents stomach disorders and constipation.

2. Diabetes 
Polyphenols are found in apples, which can help in reducing carb uptake in the body. As the carb uptake is reduced, it prevents fluctuations of blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. In addition, polyphenols help in stimulating insulin receptors in the cells.

3. Anemia 
Apples are a rich source of iron, therefore, anaemic patients are suggested to consume this fruit. 

4. Weight loss
Wondering how apples aid weight loss? The fibre content in apples can make you feel full and keep you satiated for a longer period. 

5. Intestinal Health 
Did you know apples improve the functioning of bacteria in large intestines? They keep the metabolism in the digestive tract in check and even flush out harmful toxins from the body.

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