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Tips For Buying Safe & Healthy Dairy Products: Heres What Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Says

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra highlights three important things that you must know while buying dairy.

Tips For Buying Safe & Healthy Dairy Products: Heres What Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Says

Opting for organic dairy products is key to consuming healthy and safe dairy products

Milk and other dairy products happen to be a staple in most households. They are loaded with important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, and potassium among others. These days, there are many kinds of milk available to choose from. So, it's everyone's responsibility to make an informed decision and choose the right kind of dairy. Sharing a post on Instagram, nutritionist Lovneet Batra highlights the three important points to remember for buying safe and healthy dairy. Since June 1 is observed as World Milk Day, she has also added the hashtag “World Milk Day”.

Lovneet Batra shares the following three tips:

1. Choose small and medium family farms

Instead of blindly relying on packaged or processed milk from the market, you must make effort and visit the farms that are owned by farmers and their families. Buy milk from the local farmers' markets.

2. Choose grass-fed cows for healthy milk

Grass-fed cows provide healthier milk. It is believed that the milk from grass-fed cows is way healthier than the others. So, it's better if you choose the milk that comes from cows consuming a forage-based diet.

3. Choose local Indian breeds

It's always good to rely on local Indian breeds for dairy. By doing this, you would also be supporting the local businesses of farmers who have been dependent on this profession for their livelihood.

Here's Lovneet Batra's post:


Nutritionist Lovneet Batra offers several health recommendations from time to time. She discusses how to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be managed in a number of ways.

Avoid vegetable oil, according to the nutritionist, as it adds to inflammation. She also says reducing alcohol consumption can reduce inflammation. Drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet to keep your gut healthy. To avoid inflammation, you should also get adequate sleep and engage in exercises or workout sessions.

Toxins in the environment should be kept to a minimum. Food sensitivities can make you unwell and cause inflammation, so avoid them.

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