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Anjali Mukerjee Shares Anti-Ageing Secrets You Must Know About

NNutritionist Anjali Mukerjee has shared the details about three basic antioxidants - Vitamin C, E and Beta-carotene, in her latest Instagram video.

Anjali Mukerjee Shares Anti-Ageing Secrets You Must Know About

Vitamin C is beneficial for the skin and slows down ageing

The human body is a complex system that constantly changes and adapts with age. Some of the most visible signs of ageing are apparent through changes in hair colour, skin, weight, and overall health. While there is no way to avoid ageing, there is no denying that everyone wants to slow the process as much as they can.  In fact, there are certain healthy food items or nutrients such as vitamins that may help you look younger and work as anti-ageing agents. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee has shared an Instagram post discussing three anti-ageing secrets.        

In the caption, the expert says, “Anti-oxidant rich food proves to be a powerful armour against diseases as well as the ageing process. The basic 3 antioxidants are Vitamin C, E and Beta-carotene. These help you to stay healthier and they stop or slow down the oxidation process by neutralizing the free radicals.”

According to Anjali Mukerjee's post, here are some anti-ageing secrets you need to know about:

1. Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity
  • It helps the body build resistance against pollutants and reduces allergy symptoms
  • Vitamin C also reduces the risk of cancer, cataracts, CVD, hypertension and asthma
  • It strengthens the blood vessels and promotes white blood cell formation and interferon, which are the “soldiers of our body

2. Beta-carotene

  • This helps the body make vitamin A which improves the rate of wound healing
  • It can also boost skin health. It improves skin quality and prevents skin dryness
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Reduces the risk of cancer

3. Vitamin E

  • Protects blood vessels by dissolving blood clots and thinning the blood
  • Prevents strokes
  • Prevents oxidation of the ‘bad' cholesterol LDL, thus lowering the risk of atherosclerosis
  • Prevents the growth of breast tumours, thus reducing the risk of cancer

Take a look at the video here:

With age, most people start facing health issues such as blood pressure. And if one is battling BP, it is important to make certain changes in their lifestyle and diet. According to Anjali Mukerjee, several food items can help you control blood pressure. 

For instance, garlic is known to increase the body's production of nitric acid which helps muscles to relax and blood vessels to dilate. Fish lowers the risk of high blood pressure. The other reason to have fish is that it's loaded with large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for the body. Your diet must contain fruits and vegetables that are packed with dietary fibres. Also, these food items are rich in rich sources of potassium, calcium and magnesium which are good for the body.   

By making healthy diet plans and certain lifestyle modifications, one can live a healthy life.

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