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Want A Healthy Year Ahead? Nmami Agarwal Shares Five Tips

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal posted a video on her Instagram handle in which she shared five tips to remain healthy in this new year.

Want A Healthy Year Ahead? Nmami Agarwal Shares Five Tips

Follow these tips to stay healthy and safe in 2022

The New Year is all about fresh beginnings and a host of resolutions. Invariably, most resolutions revolve around health and wellness and rightfully so. If you have a similar resolution to lead a healthier life this year, we recommend you take a look at what nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has to say. In a video on Instagram, the nutritionist shared five effective tips that will help you remain healthy this year. In the caption, she said, "5 tips to be healthier in the new year 2022." Nmami began the video by saying, "Begin the new year with an oath to get healthy with these five tips." 

Here are the five tips that Nmami Agarwal shared in the video:

1) No resolutions

“Promise yourself that you are not going to set any resolutions. The moment you create a resolution, your mind makes a boundary and it gets restricted. And the moment you feel restricted, the problem arises. So don't restrict yourself from anything,” the nutritionist said. 

2) Simple things

Instead of striving for a big change, be a little easy on yourself and do simple things that help you remain healthy. For example, eat whole foods, and include less sugar and sodium in your diet.

3) Rainbow diet

Try to follow the rainbow diet plan on a regular basis. This form of diet requires your food platter to have a majority of nutritious food items including vegetables and fruits of different colours every day. Nmami said, "I would say follow a rainbow diet. Make sure your plate is colourful."

4) Physical activity

“Move more and sit less,” Nmami Agarwal said. This should be applicable even when you are working from home. Take breaks and walk around.  

5) Health checkups

“Go for regular health checkups,” the nutritionist urged. One thing we tend to avoid is getting regular health checkups. “Remember one thing: self-care is of utmost importance. No one else is going to take care of you. Only you can,” Nmami added. 

Take a look at the video here:

We are certain these health tips by Nmami Agarwal will inspire you to lead a healthy life.

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