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Nmami Agarwal Explains Why You Should Exercise For At Least 40 Minutes Daily

Nmami Agarwal explains why you need to exercise for at least 40 minutes at a stretch to burn fat.

Nmami Agarwal Explains Why You Should Exercise For At Least 40 Minutes Daily

Working out daily is essential to maintain a healthy body and boosting body's functions

We all know that physical activity is essential. People must exercise or at the very least incorporate some physical activities into their regular routine. Regular exercise not only keeps a person in shape and burns calories, but it also relieves stress. Physical activity even aids in the prevention and management of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer. However, at times, despite exercising every day, people may not do justice to their fitness regime. In an Instagram video, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal discusses why 40 minutes of physical activity is required every day.

Nmami says, “For the first 20 minutes, your body is just warming up. And it's only after 20 minutes that your body starts burning fat. “

She continues, “So, next time when you say, oh, I worked out for 30 minutes today and I am done for the day, think again and make sure that you work out for at least 40 minutes at a stretch to burn out fat.”

Watch Nmami Agarwal's video here:

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Having said that, it is really important to follow a fitness regime. However, there are many people who fail to devote some time to their physical health. Sitting for long hours in front of the laptop while working can be very harmful to the body.

Nmami Agarwal shares the risks involved with sitting too much. She states, “Prolonged sitting (more than 8 hours) every day has been shown to cause severe diseases. Just like smoking, sitting can degrade the quality of life as the end results are the same.”

According to her, prolonged sitting affects the heart and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. It decreases lung capacity and leads to respiratory issues. Sedentary behaviour like sitting and obesity are closely linked with each other. Not just this, but it can also weaken your bones and joints.

It's not necessary that weight gain can only happen because of poor eating habits. Sometimes, it could also be a result of stress. Nmami Agarwal, while talking about the unhealthy connection between stress and weight, says people need to move their muscles often so that it releases pent-up stress.

Exercise and work out every day now that you know how crucial it is to include physical activity in your daily routine.

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