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Do Mangoes Cause Acne? Nmami Agarwal Busts A Few Myths About The Fruit

People have a lot of misconceptions about mangoes, Nmami Agarwal helps debunk these myths.

Do Mangoes Cause Acne? Nmami Agarwal Busts A Few Myths About The Fruit

Myth: Mangoes cause acne

Summer is here, and it's time to savour some delicious mangoes. Let's face it, we look forward to this time of year because we get to eat fresh mangoes and a variety of delicacies made with the fruit. Aside from its flavour, mango is a very nutritious fruit. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, and C and carries antioxidants that are good for the body. However, there are several misconceptions about this fruit that must be dispelled. Despite how much people enjoy it, many of them refrain from enjoying the fruit to its fullest because of the myths that circulate. In an Instagram video, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal debunks some such myths.

Myth: Mango leads to weight gain

Many people think that mangoes can lead to weight gain. So, if you are thinking of whether or not to indulge in this summer delight, Nmami said that it's nutritious and you can totally enjoy it. She mentioned that mango has less fat and is low in cholesterol. So, it's safe to eat it. Mangoes don't lead to weight gain.

Myth: Diabetics cannot have mango

Many times, people who suffer from diabetes think that they cannot relish mangoes. However, that's not true. First of all, the nutritionist suggested that mangoes don't have a high glycemic index. But having said that, make sure you do not eat it as a dessert, rather have it as a snack. Your sugar levels wouldn't spike that way.

Myth: Mango causes acne

Nmami stated that mango does have phytic acid that leads to the production of heat in the body. So, how can you deal with this? She advised that you can soak the mangoes in water for about two to three hours before eating.

Take a look Nmami's Instagram post:

Prior to this, Nmami Agarwal had told her followers about organic and gluten-free products. There are many food trends going on and that could leave us confused as consumers. Nmami stated that just because something was organic or gluten-free, didn't mean it was healthy. She said that many junk food items can also be prepared with organic ingredients, which are ultimately unhealthy for the body. Click here to find out more about what she stated.

Coming back to mangoes, since summer is here don't let myths deter you from enjoying the king of fruits.

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