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Check The Labels Before You Buy Organic And Gluten-Free Foods, Heres Why

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal says you need to check the labels before buying organic or gluten-free processed food items.

Check The Labels Before You Buy Organic And Gluten-Free Foods, Heres Why

Many organic and gluten-free foods are highly processed

We are living in a world that encourages us to be health-conscious at every step. From sustainable cooking to healthy eating, there are many options that are available. But with so many diets and health trends to choose from, we often get confused. Organic food and a gluten-free diet are among the most popular trends today. But this trend is not without its share of flaws. Many jump into these fads without properly studying or researching. Most of us end up believing that anything cooked with organic and gluten-free ingredients must be healthy. Nothing can be farther from the truth, says nutritionist Nmami Agarwal.

According to Nmami, organic and gluten-free food does not always mean healthy. In a social media post, she acknowledges that these food trends are getting increasingly popular. But that's not the whole story. She busts some of the myths related to organic and gluten-free foods.

Here is what Nmami says about food labels of organic and gluten-free foods

Junk food: We often believe that organic foods are the best option for healthy living. But we should remember that junk foods can be made with organic ingredients too. In that case, the nutrition of organic produce can go waste. Junk food, made with either organic or processed ingredients, is unhealthy for the body.

Gluten-free food: Nmami says that foods that are naturally gluten-free are good for the health. But, gluten-free processed food is what we should raise our guard against. These often contain unhealthy ingredients. This can harm the body instead of helping it. What's the right way to choose our food? Nmami suggests we thoroughly read the labels on food packets before buying them for consumption.

Organic sugar: Organic sugar is still sugar and can deteriorate your health. Similarly, gluten-free junk food is still junk food, says Nmami. We ought to avoid both these kinds of foods for our own benefit.

Processed food: Processed foods may be sold as organic and gluten-free foods. But always think twice while buying them and read the ingredients on the label. Most processed foods are bad for our health. Instead, choose natural and fresh foods.

Watch Nmami's video here:

So, it's best to be mindful while grocery shopping. Always reads the labels first.

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