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Do You Breathe Through Mouth When Asleep? Expert Tells Why Nasal Breathing Is Crucial For Rest And Recovery

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija tells about the right breathing technique while one is asleep.

Do You Breathe Through Mouth When Asleep? Expert Tells Why Nasal Breathing Is Crucial For Rest And Recovery

Right breathing technique helps your body rest and recovery properly when asleep

Getting proper sleep is very important for the healthy functioning of the body. However, many breathe through while asleep. It is difficult understand how you switch to oral breathing from nasal while sleeping. If you are one of those who breathes from the mouth, then it's a problem that needs to be addressed. A person starts using the mouth to inhale and exhale if the nasal passage is blocked. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, in a new Instagram post, decodes this issue and explains about breathing from the mouth in detail.

In the caption, Pooja states that the body's autonomic nervous system has 2 main branches — sympathetic and parasympathetic. While the sympathetic branch is responsible for our “fight or flight” response, the parasympathetic branch takes care of the “rest and digest, tend and befriend” response.

“Basically, the sympathetic branch gets you fired up and primed for movement, and the parasympathetic branch puts the brakes on and chills your body out,” Pooja says in the caption. She adds, “Mouth breathing biases your body towards a sympathetic state, where as nasal breathing activates the parasympathetic response. If the body is stuck in this state due to chronic stress and breathing dysfunction, it won't effectively rebuild tissue from all of the HIIT workouts you are doing.”

Then she goes on to say that as a large portion of this recovery process happens while we're sleep, it is especially important to breathe in a way that shifts our nervous system state into “rest and digest” mode. “This is why nasal breathing is so important for weight loss!” adds Pooja.

She suggests everyone to have good quality Vitamin C supplements (and foods), curcumin (opens up sinus blockages), and zinc-rich foods and supplements. However, she stressed the need to speak to a nutritionist for exact doses and duration.

Take a look at the reel here:

Prior to this, Pooja uploaded an interesting reel where she told her followers about sleep deprivation. She stated that it was important for children to sleep properly since it was the time their body and mind grew and evolved. She spoke about the two hunger hormones namely Leptin and Ghrelin and said one must get enough sleep to avoid obesity. Read more about it here.

Few days ago, Pooja spoke about starting a day on a healthy note. She explained about a few things like caffeine, alcohol and others that shouldn't be consumed on an empty stomach right in the morning. Caffeine on an empty stomach may lead to acidity ruining the day further. Similarly, she stated that having chewing gum on an empty stomach may cause more production of acid in the stomach that may cause ulcers. Click here to find out what else you need to avoid doing on an empty stomach.

Follow these tips and suggestions by Pooja Makhija and lead a healthy life.

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