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Managing Cough And Cold: Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Running nose, sneezing, blocked nose, headaches, body aches and fatigue are common symptoms of cold. A combination of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol can help in fighting against cough and cold.

Managing Cough And Cold: Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

A sudden change in temperature can increase the risk of common cold and cough

With change in season, we often start feeling a bit under the weather. A shift in temperature causes different viruses to flourish and hence cold and cough are common. So how should you keep yourself protected and what are a few possible treatments and solutions? We address this common health concern and how to deal with it in our special show Vicks presents Swasth Ka Uphaar.

Symptoms That We Need To Watch Out For

It is in a particular temperature that the body is able to function properly. When there's a sudden change in temperature (and humidity), it affects the trachea, lungs, mucous lining and other parts of the respiratory lining. People prone to allergies like pollen allergy or sometimes our lifestyle habits too may affect our immunity and the risk of catching cold and cough.

According to Ayurvedic doctor Dr Krunal Ishwar Lal Manik, common symptoms associated with seasonal or an allergy cold include "running nose, sneezing, blocked nose, headaches, body aches, fatigue, build-up of mucous in nose and throat."

Home Remedies To Tackle Common Cold And Cough

Pooja Bedi, actor, writer and television host shares that we have been fighting cough and cold for generations. "When I was younger, my mom used to give me kadha (with haldi, cinnamon, clove, mulethi), chicken soup and the good old Vicks VapoRub. It was gently massaged on the neck and forehead ". She goes on to add that she continued with the same remedies for cough and cold for her kids as well.

Ayurvedic remedies for cough and cold go hand-in-hand with a few lifestyle changes. Dr Manek suggests the following tips:

-Drink lukewarm water first thing in the morning

-Gargling with lukewarm water, preferably add haldi or honey in it

-Jug neti is a popular yogic remedy for fighting cough and cold

What Are The Preventive Measures Mothers Can Take?

It is important to work on our kids' immunity in order to manage change of season without a hassle. Simple things like spending a little time under the sun, having a positive attitude, maintaining good personal hygiene and eating healthy can also help in building a strong immunity.

Using essential oils and taking adequate rest are other effective tips to deal with cough and cold effectively. "Lavender essential oil, chamomile tea, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, etc are all helpful in fighting viruses and infections," says Pooja Bedi.

She goes on to talk about Vicks VapoRub. "it has camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. All of this can help in fighting cough and common cold effectively."

Ayurvedic Remedies To Build Immunity

Dr Manek suggests the following remedies to boost immunity, as per Ayurveda:

-Ginger juice with honey

-Tulsi juice or boiled tulsi water

-Boil water with dried ginger powder and drink it

-Haldi doodh with honey

-Giloy water

-Steam inhalation, which can be really helpful for improving upper respiratory tract health

-Ajwain, camphor or eucalyptus oil can be used for steam inhalation

-Readymade rubs can be added to steam inhalation as it can help in fighting cold

-Eating according to the season is an effective way to build your immunity and keep cough and cold away. Breathing exercises and Surya Namaskar can ensure that all the systems in the body are working efficiently.

(Note that steam inhalation is only meant for adults and kids above 6 years of age. The elderly should take it with caution, says Dr Manek. Children should be closely supervised. Those with allergies or sensitivities should consult their health care provider before taking up steam inhalation. Do not use boiling water)

How to Prevent Cough And Cold From Spreading Further

Pooja Bedi says that working on your immunity can be a great way to build our immunity and prevent these infections. Zinc and Vitamin C are nutrients that can be helpful. Hemp seeds, lemon, orange and steam inhalation can further help in addressing this concern. Saltwater gargles are also very important.

According to Dr. Manik, food and lifestyle habits play a crucial role during seasonal changes. "If we talk specifically about immunity, then bitter gourd, pointed gourd, bottle gourd, spinach, fenugreek, carrots, drumsticks - these vegetables help. Eat only those fruits and vegetables that are of the season."

He further adds, "Yoga can also help build immunity and provides protection from cold and cough. For example, pranayama, anulom vilom, kapalbhati or bhastrika bhramhari are yoga poses that are known to help in strengthening the entire respiratory system. Surya Namaskar too is very beneficial.

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