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Puffy Morning Face? Go For A Detox And A Healthier Lymphatic System, Here's How

In a Facebook live session, Luke said that the lymphatic system is the "garbage disposal system" of the body and it works only when moving. 

Puffy Morning Face? Go For A Detox And A Healthier Lymphatic System, Heres How

Increasing your physical activity throughout the day can help boost your lymphatic system


  1. Keep moving throughout the day to keep your lymphatic system healthy
  2. Adding more colours to your diet will also help
  3. A healthy lymphatic system can help in detoxification

Do you wake up with a puffy face? Or do you experience water retention in your fingers and toes? These could be signs to show that you need to detoxify your body. But many have a vague idea about detoxification. We think it is an elaborate process that cannot be done at home with a regular lifestyle. Life coach Luke Coutinho has demystified it for us. Detoxification starts not at home but inside your  body. In a Facebook live session, Luke talked about the lymphatic system, which is known as the body's "garbage disposal system," and how to keep it healthy.

No matter how good your diet is, your body is meant to produce toxins. The lymphatic system is that system in the body that collects all these toxins from various other systems and throws them out through lymph nodes. It has three major functions:

1. Tissue drainage 

A healthy lymphatic system actively collects, transports and disposes toxic body fluids from various tissues. 

2. Transportation of fats

The system carries fats from areas inside the body where it is stored in excess and can help dispose of it.

3. Immune system

This system is responsible for carrying white blood cells to areas where they can fight against invasive elements in the body. 

Any blockage in the lymphatic system can cause some visible problems: weak immunity, bad skin and hair conditions, excessive fat, water retention, brain fog and chronic fatigue. 

Luke talked about the ways to heal our lymphatic systems so that they function in a better way. We have summed up some of them below:

1. Movement

The system works only when you are moving. Luke suggested walking as the best way to stimulate this system. For those who can't pick this option, pressing the soles of the feet for a few minutes every day can be helpful.

2. Food

A colourful diet helps this system. Luke said that you should add more reds (pomegranate, beetroot, cranberry) along with yellows and greens. The system also requires fibre, good saturated fat, protein and micronutrients. 

3. Sleep

 Sleep deprivation can worsen the lymphatic system's functioning.

4. Stress

Meditation and laughing are some of the best ways to lower your stress, which in turn helps keep the lymphatic system in good condition.

Hear it from Luke himself:

Now that you know what actually boosts our immune system, it's time to detox your body in the right way.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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