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Looking For Ways To Amp Up Your Workout? Try Out This Leg HIIT

Yasmin Karachiwala shared an effective HIIT workout to target your legs.

Looking For Ways To Amp Up Your Workout? Try Out This Leg HIIT

Yasmin Karachiwala: This is the best workout for your thighs and legs

HIIT or high-intensity workout training is for those who want to perform effective exercises within a short period of time. From cardio to belly fat, there are HIIT workouts for different body parts. Now, how about focusing on your lower body part this time? Yasmin Karachiwala has shared a leg HIIT workout in her latest Instagram video. So, you can refer to that whenever you want to perform intense exercises to strengthen the muscles of your legs. A lower body focussed routine will get your heart pumping quickly and efficiently.

Here's how you need to do the workout as shared by Yasmin Karachiwala:

Note: The word ‘M' stands for a modified version

1.Db Sumo Squat to Frog Squat - 20 reps

M: Sumo Squat to Frog Squat

2.Db Squat Lateral Walk - 20 reps

M: Squat Lateral Walk

3.Db Curtsy with Knee Drive Hammer Curl - 15 reps each

M: Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive Bicep Curl

4.Single Leg Bridge Leg Lowers - 20 reps each

M: Bridge Marching

5.Db Hip Thrust - 20 reps

M: Hip Thrust

Yasmin suggested that you need to do four rounds of these exercises. Take 60 seconds to rest after each round. She stated that you must not rest between the exercises.

Take a look:

Now, take a look at this “Functional HIIT” workout shared by Yasmin Karachiwala. This set would help your body perform exercises at a faster rate and improve the ability to utilise energy to the fullest.

For this, Yasmin suggested five exercises including Db Reverse Lunge Variation, Db Renegade Row to Bentover Row, Db Chest Fly to Sit up, Db Crunch Hold with Alternate Straight Leg Lowers and Alternate Reverse Lunge in Squat + Star Jumps, and some exercises as a modified version.

In the caption, she explained, “I've added dumbbells into the workouts (listen to your body for the weights needed, I am using 4 kgs dumbbells to crush my upper body). Remember, it's not how much you lift, but how you lift.”

Looking for some abs-targeted exercises? Fret not, we got you covered. This set of workouts will help you burn belly fat.  Yasmin had stated, "Many of you asked about how to reduce belly fat. Honestly, there is no one secret to this, and there never will because we all have different metabolism/ diet/ etc."

She shared five abs-targeted exercises namely Db Russian Twist + Overhead Press, Seated Bicycle Figure, Forearm Side Plank + Thread a Needle, Overhead Flutters and Seated Jack Knife legs over Db.

Hope Yasmin Karachiwala's latest leg HIIT workout helps you in achieving your fitness goals.

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