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Conditions Disqualifying You From Donating Blood

Some people are disqualified from donating blood because they have diseases that are transmissible via blood. Other potential donors are disqualified because of other conditions. Read on to know more

Conditions Disqualifying You From Donating Blood

Since the need for blood is constant, so is the need for donations.


  1. There are several conditions wherein a donor is deferred from donating fo
  2. Anybody who is undergoing any psychotic disorder is permanently deferred
  3. Drug users and people suffering from HIV AIDS can not donate blood
Blood donation is considered to be the most noble and lifesaving acts in the world. Even if 1% of the population donates blood, it can meet a country's basic blood requirements. Is donating blood all about injections and bottles? When someone decides to donate blood, he is assessed on his medical history and ongoing physical health. There are several conditions wherein a donor is deferred from donating for a certain period so it is important to understand where you fall. One may donate blood even if he has certain health issues but there are conditions around them.

This article will update you about such conditions wherein you may not be allowed to donate at all or you may be but under certain conditions.

Here are five key conditions:

1. Leukaemia

If an individual is found having a history of malignant melanoma, he may be deferred from donating permanently. Same goes for people who are currently suffering from clonal haematological disorders, leukaemia or Myelodysplastic syndromes.

2. Psychotic disorder

This has a lot to do with the behavioural patterns of a human being. At several times, people lose touch with reality and start hallucinating. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are some of the examples. Anybody who is undergoing any psychotic disorder is permanently deferred from donating blood.

3. Diagnosed with malaria, leishmaniasis, syphilis

If you have ever been diagnosed with malaria, leishmaniasis, syphilis, or any such disease in past, there are chances that you will be deferred from donating for a lifetime.

4. If you have a tattoo or done any treatment with needles

In case you recently had a tattoo, a cosmetic treatment or a semi-permanent makeup, you need to stay away from donating blood. Under any  condition wherein you've had to have a needle pierced, you may not be able donate blood for the next 12 months. It is advisable to consult your doctor and understand whether you are in a position to donate.

5. Relationship with HIV/AIDS patient or any drug user

This is a serious situation and you may be assessed strictly if you claim that you are in a relation with either a drug user or any HIV/AIDS patient. It is suggested to consult a doctor and then take a call. If you are a drug user yourself or afflicted with HIV/AIDS, you may be deferred permanently from donating blood.

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If you are planning to donate blood, make sure you do a detailed check on the do's and don'ts of the donation process. It is a complex process and one needs to be assessed physically and mentally. If you have had any medical condition in the past or are suffering from a disease at present, it is suggested to clearly mention it to the doctor. Always be transparent in your reports and never hide any chronic health problem. This World Blood Donor's Day, understand, you are saving someone's life so never play with it.


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