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Know All About Bholi Punjaban Aka Richa Chadha's Fitness Secrets

Richa Chadha is one of the very few actors in Bollywood who workout without the assistance of a professional trainer or instructor

Know All About Bholi Punjaban Aka Richa Chadha

The key to fitness is educating yourself about what your body needs, believes Richa


  1. Richa workouts without the assistance of a personal trainer
  2. She is familiar with martial arts as well
  3. The Fukrey Returns actress believes in cheat meals instead of cheat days

Apart from having remarkable acting skills, actress Richa Chadha is also someone who would inspire a lot of fans through her fitness mantra. The actress, who is now all geared up for her latest release "Fukrey Returns", has made headlines for her love and passion for fitness numerous times. Say for instance, the time she revealed that she created a makeshift gym at her house so she doesn't have to miss the gym during any unwanted emergencies. Recently, the actress took the internet by storm when she shared her scintillating swimsuit picture.

So what is it that the "Cabaret" star does to look so captivating at all times?

For starters, the actress has often revealed that her workout regime includes a variety of exercises, since she loves experimenting with different routines.

She is very particular about her workout sessions and making a point to not miss them in any condition. Yoga, jogging and pilates are some of her hot favourites!

The actress is also familiar with Kalaripayattu, a martial art form she learned for a play in 2014. Ever since then, this traditional form of martial arts has been very close to Richa's heart and she continuously includes it in her fitness routine.

Richa has often spoken about her injury, which was one of the biggest reasons why she planned to set her makeshift gym at home. She did a variety of resistance and body weight exercises to recover from the injury, she had said.

Post that injury Richa feels proud to reveal that she knows her body too well and thus works out without any professional trainer or instructor.

Hence as a fitness enthusiast, Richa believes that the key to achieving fitness is educating yourself about what your body needs. Consistency, she says, is the only challenge when it comes to fitness. You have to give yourself long-term goals rather than 1 month or 3-months goals.

When it comes to her diet regime, Richa is as strict as one could imagine. A vegan by choice, she makes sure she consumed only gluten-free food.

Speaking about the idea of cheat days, well, our beloved Bholi Punjaban doesn't have any! But, she does indulge in a few cheat meals whenever her body craves for it.

Sumptuous home-cooked rajma chawal, dal chawal or the very tempting Mughlai cuisine is what she treats herself with, when having a cheat meal. And not to forget, she's fond of ice creams too! 


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