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Injuries During Winter Season: Follow These 5 Steps To Manage Pain

During the winter season many experience muscle and joint pain. Injuries can also be quite painful during this time. Here are some tips from the expert to manage pain injury-related pain during the winter season.

Injuries During Winter Season: Follow These 5 Steps To Manage Pain

Those suffering from condition like arthritis may experience severe pain during winter season


  1. Condition related to bones and joints may trigger during winters
  2. Stay physically active to prevent injuries
  3. Consult an expert to effectively manage the condition

As winter kicks off, bodyache tags along with it. Athletes being able to predict rain from the revival of their old injuries, and old people from their pulsating hips are among the many tales that exist. As mythical as it seems, winter and injuries do share a complicated connection. Resurfacing of old injuries is a huge matter of concern during the cold weather especially among athletes and fitness fanatics.

Explanations as to why pains intensify during damp weather, is the drop in atmospheric pressure. When the pressure drops, connective tissues and the fluids lubricating joints expand, applying more pressure on the nerves. This triggers irritation among the nerves and muscles causing pain. The pain levels are higher when damaged nerves are in question, aggravating the condition. Cold temperatures also tense up muscles in the body thereby leading to multiple contractions that damage the nerves and cause pain.

People tend to hurt themselves in many ways while playing sports or working out. Common injuries associated with physical activities include:

1. Wrist and Ankle sprains: It is a common injury as the ankle/wrist is a very active joint during most activities. New injuries caused to an old ankle/wrist sprain can cause chronic pain and stiffness. Not all sprains heal completely over time. To prevent recurring pains from an old sprain during winter, it is advisable to keep the joints warm and keep them moving.

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2. Hairline Fractures: These are the smallest fractures that cause tremendous pain. Even generally a hairline fracture has long lasting effects, temperature drop can make it worse. Taking care of the stress applied on the wounded area is one preventive measure in addition to avoid the reappearing of heightened pains due to cold weather.

3. Lower Back Strain: When you're feeling cold, your muscles and ligaments tend to tighten up, which makes you more prone to injury and back pain. If you have a history of back injuries, use the right aids to avoid worsening the injury due to weather conditions.

4. Groin pull, muscle pull and strain, and shoulder dislocations are other common injuries that people suffer from with sports or workouts being the cause of it.


Lower back pain is quite common these days among different age groups
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5 ways how to manage these injuries:

People can manage the pain and still continue their routine during winters by following these suggestions.

1. Prep your body: Keep your blood flow normal and body fluids in motion by moving around and exercising for a while before stepping into lower temperature places. This reduces the stress and tightness in the muscles, thereby lowering the pain.

2. Keep warm: Optimising the temperature according to your body's tolerating levels is key to tone down the pain from old injuries. Warming up the surroundings at all times, and wearing winter clothing is recommended. Put a hot water bag into use to apply gentle heat onto injured areas to help relax the connected nerves and muscles and reduce any pain.

3. Stay active: Stretch your muscles and stay active throughout winter to avoid the re-emergence of old injuries. Maintaining a fixed minimal exercise routine is recommended to prevent the body from worsening an old injury. Furthermore, it is suggested that breaks be taken when the body feels strained.

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4. Physiotherapy: Old injuries need to be treated to prevent them from worsening during winter. Stick to the visit schedule as per the doctor's prescription. A few exercises like neck rotation, wrist rotation, ankle rotation, hip raise and leg raise can be done at home. This will help in easing your body and injured areas.

5. Eat right: Adding ginger tea, bananas, coffee and red meat to your diet helps to maintain your body temperature. In order to heal broken bones or strengthen your bones in general, increase Vitamin C intake by incorporating superfoods like milk, cheese, soybeans and broccoli. Avoid alcohol consumption as it impairs your ability to shiver making it a challenge to keep the body warm.

(Dr. Rewat Laxman, Orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital Koramangala Bangalore)

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