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Hypertension: Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause High Blood Pressure? Here's The Answer

High blood pressure causes: Vitamin D deficiency can affect the functioning of your body in various ways. It can affect your bone health majorly. Can low levels of vitamin D increase blood pressure numbers? Read here to know the answer.

Hypertension: Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause High Blood Pressure? Heres The Answer

Hypertension causes: Here's everything you need to know about hypertension and vitamin D deficiency


  1. High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart diseases
  2. Vitamin D deficiency can affect your bone health
  3. Know the relation between vitamin D and hypertension

Hypertension: Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins required for the human body. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin as sun is the best source of vitamin D. When your body comes in contact with sunlight it produces vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a major role in maintaining bone health. It helps in the absorption of calcium from the diet consumed. Low levels of vitamin D can result in poor immunity that can make you fall sick very often. Vitamin D deficiency is also linked with depression, extreme tiredness, slow healing of wounds and many more. Findings have highlighted an increase in blood pressure numbers due to poor vitamin D deficiency. Can vitamin D deficiency contribute to hypertension? Here's the answer.

Hypertension: Can vitamin D deficiency result in high blood pressure?

Dr. Brunda M S, explains, "Hypertension or high blood pressure is extremely harmful. There are several factors responsible for high blood pressure which include age, race, using tobacco, high salt intake, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle etc. One of the risk factors which is not much popular is low vitamin D levels. As per the various extensive studies, it can be probably concluded that anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin D could mitigate the development of hypertension.

Vitamin D levels in the body modulate the blood pressure indirectly. Inappropriate activation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) has been widely known as the important factor contributing to the development of hypertension. Surprisingly, vitamin D, the sunshine hormone was shown to regulate the RAAS at the clinical, pathophysiological and molecular levels in animals and humans as per studies."


Poor diet can increase your blood pressure numbers
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Vitamin D deficiency is also linked with heart diseases. Further studies are required to elaborate the effect of vitamin D deficiency on blood pressure numbers. But one should consume enough amount of vitamin D for better health. You can achieve vitamin D from food sources as well. Other than sunlight, sources of vitamin D include orange juice, oatmeal, cereal, soy milk, cow milk, salmon, mushrooms and egg yolks.


Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D
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How to control high blood pressure?

To control high blood pressure you must check the possible risk factor. Many healthy diet and lifestyle modifications can help you beat increasing blood pressure numbers. Some of these methods include-

1. Consume a high fibre diet which can help you eliminate high blood pressure

2. Reduce your salt intake

3. Consume foods which can help you control high blood pressure

4. Exercise regularly and try to lose weight

5. Manage stress an ensure proper sleep

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(Dr. Brunda M S, Consultant - Internal Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital)

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