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De-Stress Daily With These Tips From Rujuta Diwekar

Three simple steps can help you get rid of stress every day.

De-Stress Daily With These Tips From Rujuta Diwekar

Smartphone addiction isn't going to help us deal with stress

In our fast-paced lives, stress isn't something new. We all go through stressful periods on a daily basis. While there is nothing to boast about, there surely is a lot to work on. We don't have to be doomed to a life of daily stress. We can choose to de-stress ourselves and have a healthy mental state. In fact, there's a way we can do it with three simple steps. Follow nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar's tips on how to destress every day. Her steps are simple and easy. If you are struggling with your stress levels, do not fret about how to cope with it. Simply follow these steps. 

1. Reduce screen time

We often forget to take our eyes off our phones. Smartphone addiction isn't going to help us deal with stress. Instead of resigning ourselves to doomscrolling through our social media feeds, it's better to have some me-time. We should spend more time with ourselves than we spend on our phones.

2. Appreciate the present moment

Most of us love to look at old photos and relish the good times we have had in the past. But what if you started enjoying the present? Cherish the way you are at present instead of waiting for three more years to appreciate your current efforts. Make it a policy decision in your life.

3. Take afternoon naps

Afternoon naps are a great way to rejuvenate ourselves. Sleep helps us to de-stress. Not only that. It also helps us to improve digestion, reduce bloating and improve our daily sleep cycle.

Take a look at this post:

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar often shares her views related to health and fitness. Her earlier post was on signs of good health. She mentions the acts of sleeping well, relishing meals, exercising regularly, clearing her stomach efficiently and laughing loudly. “Just some of the signs of good health, come in all shapes, sizes and weight. You don't have to lose weight to get healthy,” Rujuta says in the caption box.

Follow these tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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