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Hot Water Challenge Is The Latest Life-Taking Fad Amongst Teenagers

After the deadly blue whale challenge, next in line is the hot water challenge. Read about it here.

Hot Water Challenge Is The Latest Life-Taking Fad Amongst Teenagers

Hot water challenge, the latest teenage killing game


  1. Hot water challenge is the latest life-taking game among kids
  2. The game has claimed life of one and injured several children
  3. The challenge has been termed callous and dangerous by authorities

It was just a while ago when we heard about the Blue Whale Challenge putting many children on their deathbeds. Now, a bizarre game called "Hot Water Challenge" is the latest rage amongst teenagers, which caused the death of one child and several serious burns and injuries among the rest. New York-based Jamoneisha Merritt, 12 became a victim of the Hot Water Challenge in August. Over 80 percent of her body was burned, and she ended up spending two weeks at the hospital.

Recently, however, according to a report in The New York Post, Jamoneisha met with New York City Fire Department Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro, to be conferred as a "Firefighter for a day".

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Condemning the challenge, Digro said that it is referred to as a prank but it can be dangerous to someone's life. He termed the challenge as "senseless, callous and dangerous"

In case you find your children indulge in any bizarre activity like this, here are a few home remedies that will you help deal with such burns:

Types of burns

  • Burns can be categorized three. First degree burns affect outer or superficial layer of skin. The symptoms include redness, swelling, and a little pain.
  • Second degree burns come with much worse pain, where burning reaches the second layer of skin.
  • Third-degree burns are the most severe of all and they require immediate medical care. The burn goes through all layers of skin and is extremely painful.

Treatment of burns

For first degree burns, run cold water over it. You can use a container and run cold water for at least 5 minutes to cool the area. If the burn is a little more serious, do the same thing but for longer. For second degree burns, run under cold water for at least 15 minutes. The treatment depends on the area of the body that has been burned. For example, you can cover the area with a wet cloth or apply some ice in a plastic bag (not directly on the skin).

  • Apply some Vaseline and covering the burn with sterile gauze.
  • Keep a bandage on during the first day without moving it too much.
  • Take a pain reliever
  • Moisten the gauze before removing it so that it does not stick to the skin
  • After 7 days, clean it and remove the dead skin using moist gauze with isotonic water. But don't try too hard as the skin will come off by itself.

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If all these treatments are unable to improve the condition of the burn, take your child to the emergency. 


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