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High Blood Pressure: These Habits May Be Raising Your Blood Pressure Unintentionally

High blood pressure can trigger various health issues. You might not know but some habits can unknowingly increase your blood pressure. Read here to know all the mistakes you might be making that may increase your blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure: These Habits May Be Raising Your Blood Pressure Unintentionally

Healthy diet and regular exercise can control your blood pressure


  1. High blood pressure is extremely unhealthy for your overall health
  2. You should eat fibre rich foods to control high blood pressure
  3. Do not add extra salt to your food and keep hypertension at bay

High blood pressure has now become a common condition which can trigger many other health conditions. Constant high blood pressure or hypertension is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. You should try to maintain normal blood pressure numbers to avoid the risk of multiple diseases. A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are two major contributors to high blood pressure which almost everyone knows. There are some other habits which can shoot up your blood pressure. These mistakes can unknowingly raise your blood pressure and further contribute to hypertension. Here are all the things you should avoid to manage healthy blood pressure numbers.

What can raise your blood pressure?

1. Lack of physical activity

Lack of physical activity can result in unhealthy weight or obesity but it can also increase your blood pressure. It is often advised to exercise for at least 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of exercise in a day can keep your health intact and will also prevent weight gain. You can simply go for a walk or do some simple exercises at home.

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2. Tobacco addiction

Tobacco use can trigger blood pressure levels as well. Both smoking and chewing tobacco can contribute to high blood pressure. Tobacco use is related to multiple health hazards even cancer. To avoid hypertension and other deadly diseases you must stop the use of tobacco immediately. You can also seek help if you are addicted.

3. You are stressed all the time

Stress can also trigger blood pressure. There are various factors which can contribute to stress like work pressure, deadlines, examination and many more. The cause may vary from person to person. But stress due to any cause can raise your blood pressure. You can try some healthy practices to take stress under control.

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4. Alcohol and caffeine use

Caffeine might be a part of your daily routine but do you know it can also raise your blood pressure. If you want to consume coffee then drink a light one. Regular consumption of too much caffeine is harmful. Similarly, alcohol consumption can also trigger blood pressure levels. Alcohol use is related to many other health issues as well. Therefore it is always advised to drink alcohol in moderation.


High Blood Pressure: Reduce caffeine intake to control blood pressure
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5. You are eating too much salt

Hypertension patients are often advised to reduce their salt consumption because it can also boost blood pressure. Cut your salt consumption and keep the salt shaker off the table. Do not add extra salt to your food.

If your blood pressure readings are always high, you must not ignore this condition. In such a situation consult a doctor and take suitable treatment to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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