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High Blood Pressure: Top 10 Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure

High BP or hypertension can be treated naturally with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. High BP can trigger cardiovascular diseases. Fruits like kiwi, berries and watermelon and other healthiest options like oats and olive oil, all can help you treat high BP.

High Blood Pressure: Top 10 Foods To Lower Your Blood Pressure

High BP Control: Leafy green veggies can help you manage your blood pressure


  1. High blood pressure can be managed by reducing sodium intake
  2. Foods rich in potassium can help in controlling high blood pressure
  3. Hypertension does not show any symptoms

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common health condition these days which should not be ignored. There are various factors which can contribute to high blood pressure including work pressure, deadlines, poor lifestyle and eating habits. Hypertension if left untreated can trigger cardiovascular diseases. Dietary changes can also help you treat hypertension. Reducing sodium intake is important. You can inculcate certain food items which will help you lower your blood pressure naturally. Dietary changes along with some lifestyle changes can help you treat hypertension. Here are top ten foods to lower your blood pressure. Adding these foods to your diet is the simplest method to keep your blood pressure on check.

Food to control high blood pressure 

1. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are the healthiest option which you can add to your hypertension diet. These vegetables will help your body get rid of extra sodium from your body. Leafy greens are loaded with nutrients which will improve your overall health as well. You must choose fresh vegetables to receive all the nutrients. Spinach, cabbage, kale, fennel or lettuce are some of the options from which you can choose from.


Foods for High Blood Pressure: Try leafy greens to control your numbers
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2. Banana

Banana is one of the most consumed fruits in India. It is easily available which you can enjoy at any time if the day. Banana is a popular source of potassium and foods higher in potassium are beneficial for hypertension patients.

3. Oats

Oats are extremely healthy for you. You can add oats to your breakfast. It will also give you the required energy to start your day. Oats are rich in fibre and low in fat which will also enhance weight loss. Oats are also low in sodium which makes it an idle food for hypertension.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi is the tastiest fruit with a tangy taste. It is loaded with multiple health benefits. It can help you control your blood pressure as well. Studies suggest that you can consume three kiwis a day to treat hypertension. Kiwi will also improve your skin health, digestion and immunity.

5. Garlic

You can easily find garlic in an Indian kitchen. It enhances the taste of food along with many health benefits. Garlic is well known for its properties to fight inflammation, digestives issues and poor cholesterol levels. Garlic is also beneficial for hypertension patients. You can consume raw garlic with water early morning or simply add garlic to your different foods to lower blood pressure.

6. Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer fruit which is everyone's favourite. Its high water content makes it an ideal fruit for summer. Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Potassium content in watermelon can help you lower blood pressure.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt is a refreshing treat which you can give to yourself. You can add low-fat yogurt to your diet to treat high blood pressure. It will provide you calcium which will contribute to balanced blood pressure levels.

8. Berries

Berries are rich in antioxidants which are loaded with great taste. You can consume raspberries, blueberries or strawberries to prevent hypertension. You can add berries to your salad, shakes, smoothies or can consume them directly.


Foods for High Blood Pressure: Oats and Berries are beneficial for hypertension patients
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9. Beetroot

Beetroot is loaded with some impressive health benefits. Consumption of beetroot can improve digestion, treat inflammation and improve brain health. Beetroot is loaded with nutrients with minimum calories. It can also support weight loss. You can consume beetroot as it is or drink beetroot juice to manage blood pressure.

10. Olive oil

Oil is an essential part of Indian foods which can affect one's health in various ways. You must choose the right cooking oil to stay healthy. Olive oil is one healthy choice which you can make if you are a hypertension patient. It is a healthy fat which you can use for cooking.

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