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Here's Why Soy Sauce Is Bad For You

Soy sauce is potentially harmful for your health. Here's why.

Heres Why Soy Sauce Is Bad For You

This will make you question your love for soy sauce!


  1. Natural production of soy sauce takes as long as 18 months
  2. Regular consumption of soy sauce can lower sperm count
  3. The contents in soy sauce can affect your neurological health

Popular belief states soy sauce healthy, yummy and fat-free with high-antioxidant content. Soy sauce, made from fermented soybeans and wheat, is a flavourful and an important staple in Asian food. Natural production of soy sauce takes as long as 18 months and this way it is healthy and nourishing. However, commercial soy sauce takes only two to three days for production. This way, it can be potentially harmful to your health.

The high levels of salt in this sauce can also develop into a serious health hazard at a later stage in life. So in need of satisfying your taste buds, don't mess with your health!

Here's how soy sauce adversely affects your health:

1. Increased breast cancer risk

Isoflavones in soy products can accelerate the rate of proliferation of cancer cells in the breast. It is also known for disturbing the menstrual cycles of women.

breast cancer

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2. Thyroid

Soy sauce, fermented variety, contains Goitrogens. These are a type of isoflavones which interfere with the synthesis of thyroid hormones. It can also lead to hyperthyroidism in this case.

3. Affects sperm count

Regular consumption of soy sauce is known to adversely impact sperm count. It may also affect the hormone related to sex known as estrogen and disturbs male reproductive health.

4. MSG in soy sauce

The contents in soy sauce can affect your neurological health. Glutamic acid is a highly toxic ingredient and is found in good quantities in soy sauce. To this, MSG is also added for enhancing the flavor.

5. Mineral absorption obstructed

Soy sauce consumption can stop your body from absorbing minerals. Phytates in commercial soy sauce affect your digestive system and prevent your body from taking all the nutrients from food.

digestive system

6. Protein digestion obstructed

One of the many unrecognised facts about soy sauce is its ability to cause digestive issues and pancreatic problems in your body. This is because of the effect of trypsin inhibitors in the digestive system of the body.

7. Risk of cardiovascular diseases

High salt content in soy sauce can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can also lead to a sudden spike in blood pressure.

cardiovascular diseases

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8. Effect on pregnant women

Thanks to all the harmful contents of soy sauce, it is needless to explain why mums-to-be need to refrain from its consumption. Soy sauce during pregnancy can hamper your baby's growth.

9. Adversely affects the kidneys

Oxalates in soy sauce can lead to kidney stones. And phytoestrogen can lead to kidney failure.


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10. Asthmatic problems

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Research on the adverse effects of soy sauce on health found a strong link between soy sauce consumption and asthmatic problems. 


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