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Here's Why It Is Crucial To Prioritize Your Protein Intake

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija highlighted that around 73% of Indians do not get adequate proteins.

Heres Why It Is Crucial To Prioritize Your Protein Intake

Protein can help reduce inflammation an boost bone strength

Protein is an essential macronutrient that plays a role in fulfilling several bodily functions than just building muscles. Prioritizing protein intake is often linked with achieving bulky muscles. However, you need protein on a daily basis to help your body function properly. It helps you lose weight effectively. In an Instagram post, nutritionist Pooja Makhija highlighted that around 73% of Indians do not get adequate proteins. Further, she explained why is it important to prioritize protein on a daily basis. Keep reading to know why.

Reasons why you should prioritize your protein intake

Makhija explained that your body cannot produce proteins, therefore, it is essential to feed them to your body every day in the right quantity.

She further elaborated on how inadequate intake of proteins affects your body. "When you do not eat enough protein, your body is constantly hungry and makes you eat more carbs, sugar and fats to fill the protein bucket required for the day."

As a result, you are constantly hungry, you snack mindlessly and gain weight. To beat this hunger, you must intelligently consume adequate proteins for all three major meals of the day.

The nutritionist recommends consuming equal amounts of protein and carbs in each meal.

Some more health benefits of consuming adequate amounts of protein:

Protein can help reduce inflammation, boost bone strength, increase metabolism, improve cognitive function, maintain postural integrity, enhance immune function and prevent injury.

How to boost your protein intake:

  • Snack on protein-rich foods such as cheese, nuts, seeds, roasted chana, eggs, hummus, peanut butter and more.
  • Choose interesting protein-rich breakfast options like smoothies, shakes, eggs, quinoa, chia seeds, etc.
  • Blend lentils to soups and sauces
  • Make your salad dressing at home with protein-rich ingredients
  • Carry a high-protein snack to beat hunger pangs
  • Choose carbs and fats that contain protein
  • Sprinkle seeds and chopped nuts on foods

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