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Here's To Anushka Sharma, The Diva Who Never Fails To Give Us #FitnessGoals

Here's how Anushka Sharma, despite being a foodie, continues to give us #FitnessGoals.


Anushka Sharma's fitness secret decoded!


  1. Anushka Sharma is one of the fittest peeps of the B-town
  2. She is a self-proclaimed foodie
  3. Anushka depends a lot upon yoga for her lean body

Flawless skin, gorgeous, silky hair and a perfectly lean body, what's not to love about Anushka Sharma! After she made her debut in 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' opposite Shahrukh Khan, there is no looking back for her. Be it her glamorous avtar in 'Ladies V/s Ricky Behl' or her oh-so-rebellious form in 'NH10', she has never failed to win our hearts. And this year, the diva is all set to hit the big screen in 'Sui Dhaga', 'Sanju' and 'Zero'. It was only a matter of few years when Anushka became the bollywood sweetheart. But keeping all this aside, the actress never failed to give us fitness goals.

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The Pari actor, despite being one of the super fit peeps of the B-town, is a self-proclaimed foodie. Yes, that's right! It is hard to maintain the perfect balance between fitness and temptations and yet somehow, Anushka manages to do it. Despite her love for munching, she never lets anything come between her fitness goals. Wondering how she does that, aren't you?

1. Yoga, the perfect escape for gym

Anushka depends a lot upon yoga for her lean body. It helps her stay flexible, and allows her to avoid the gym as well. Yes, she prefers yoga anytime over gym. She feels that it helps her stay active and stress-free for a long day of work.

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2. Gym, four times a week

Despite hating it, the Pari actor does hit the gym once in a while. Either to gain weight or to lose it, she goes to the gym four times a week. Broadly, her workout regime involves weight and strength training and when she is away for shoots, she takes a walk or jogs instead.

anushka sharmaAnushka Sharma goes jogging when she can't hit the gym

3. Dancing on the way to fitness

Dancing is one of the most fun and most neglected ways of staying fit. Across the globe, dancers are seen as the healthiest peeps of all, and Anushka is one of them. Each day, the Pari actor dances for 30 minutes to strengthen her cardiovascular muscles.

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4. Meditation for her mind, and skin

The Sultan actress meditates twice a day, for her mind and for her skin. One of the major reasons for ageing is stress, and Anushka keeps that away by meditating. She practices it once before her shoots and once after that. This way she begins and ends her day with positivity, thereby keeping stress away.

anushka sharmaAnushka Sharma enjoying waffles

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5. No to junk foods, despite being a foodie

Anushka feels that junk food is the last thing you should give to your body. She believes that healthy food is the way to go. She relies on home cooked foods consisting of dal, chapattis, vegetable curry, salad and three litres of water for hydration. Nevertheless, once in a while, when her taste buds want a treat, she gives it to them!

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